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The Milelion easy reference guide to credit cards

Hello everyone- I’ve written more than a few guides on how to maximise your credit card sign up bonuses and earnings, which I hope have been very useful

Some readers have asked me for a quick 1 picture summary of those articles. I’m happy to oblige, but I caution that without the full context you may miss out on some important details and caveats. Nonetheless, here goes…

credit card bonuses
Maximising credit card sign up bonuses

Here’s the guide for card spending- Protip: why not save this on your phone so that next time when you’re out you have a quick reference guide? Just right click on the photo and save it

milelion card guide v2

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Hi Aaron, Listen, first of all, thank you SO much for all your posts and information. You are a genius and have really helped me piece together the last bits of the mileage puzzle. I have been getting more and more wise in this field, to the point of at least still becoming star alliance gold members for me and wife with Aegean last year before they changed their program. I am planning on maintaining this as I only need 24k miles a year or 12k with 4 Aegean/ Olympus flight segments. I got the DBS Altitude Visa when I… Read more »