Trip Report: SIN-HKG (SQ Premium Y)

This trip report was contributed by Dario, a reader. Dario has flown over 3 million miles, mostly for business and in the greater part of Asia Pacific. He used to be a travel agent and than a manager for Lufthansa and Star Alliance. He still flies every week. Even if he’s no longer in the airline industry, airlines and planes are still his greatest passion. He feels home on a plane, better if first or business class

Date: 04 SEP 15

Carrier: Singapore Airlines

Flight No.: SQ856

Route: SIN-HKG

Aircraft: A380

Class: Premium Economy

Seat No.: 33K

Finally I’m trying this much awaited Premium Economy from Singapore Airlines, I’m flying on the A380 and I choose a window seat for this first ride on PJ class, I’m guessing this is the best you can get for this product (A380 + window seat).

I’m writing this Review “live” during my 4 hours ride to Hong Kong and, to make it easier to read, I made a list of my comments meanwhile on-board.

My first hand comments on “The Product”

  • Cabin and ambience is pretty similar to Economy cabin, not much of improvement.

Photo 4-9-15 12 47 51 pm

Photo 4-9-15 9 10 58 am

  • Seat is instead a great improvement from Economy.

Photo 4-9-15 1 18 44 pm

Photo 4-9-15 9 06 22 am

Photo 4-9-15 1 18 12 pm

  • Generally increased personal space, especially window seats (A380).

Photo 4-9-15 12 48 00 pm

  • Impressive TV screen, bigger than my laptop!

Photo 4-9-15 10 42 25 am

  • Far more space between you and the seat in front of you.

Photo 4-9-15 1 17 00 pm

  • Smart position for electrical/USB/headphone plugs.

Photo 4-9-15 1 15 56 pm

  • Many little compartments where to place phone, passport and all your stuff.

Photo 4-9-15 1 17 17 pm Photo 4-9-15 1 15 15 pm

Photo 4-9-15 1 15 46 pm

  • I find the calves support to do very little for comfort improvement but… better than nothing.

Photo 4-9-15 9 12 45 am

  • Good quality noise-cancelling headphone, better than some others airlines in Business class.
Photo 4-9-15 9 30 42 am
editor’s note- i believe this is the same headphones SQ uses in business class
  • Nice seat design, each seat look like a “modern throne”, slim, slick and well distanced from next seat.
  • Funny orange colour, doesn’t give me a luxury feel, reminds me instead Easyjet budget airline.
  • Love the fact that seats are padded in leather, they are comfortable but not that far from SIA economy.

Photo 4-9-15 1 15 31 pm

  • Stable table, good for work.

Photo 4-9-15 9 59 37 am

  • Not much difference with Economy class in terms of food and service in general.

Photo 4-9-15 9 25 30 am

Photo 4-9-15 9 26 23 am

Photo 4-9-15 9 26 42 am

Photo 4-9-15 10 52 30 am

Final Conclusion

SIA Premium Economy is to me all about the seat and it is a great improvement from Economy.

It cannot be compared with Business class, it’s an economy class chair with increased space, much bigger TV and good quality headphones, service is almost same as Economy.

In my opinion it is perfect for 3 to 6 hours flight, so any Asian destinations.

I would avoid night flights and in general long-haul flights as it’s not a seat for sleeping. For a night flight I would rather book an economy seat and then try to find an empty row of 3 seats, that’s almost business class but, yes, it’s a gamble.

Armrest are fixed on Premium Economy so you cannot “invade” the seat next to you or stretch your legs sidewise. Seat configuration is 2-4-2 on A380, I would avoid first row because TV is hang a bit too high on the wall and of course I would not consider any middle seats.

Finally the price: at the present it is value for money, hopefully they will keep prices as they are.

All in all I’m happy SIA decided to finally introduce Premium Economy, hopefully they will not spoil all the excitement increasing the prices.

This week SIA announced that they will delay the installation of Premium Economy for some aircrafts, unfortunately I’m booked on 2 of those flights and they offered to downgrade me with a small money compensation and a PE upgrade voucher. I’m sorry to say but they still have to learn how to deal with problems and especially how to treat loyal-high-revenue passenger. Something that Cathay Pacific knows and manages very well. For SIA upgrades are never an option, even when they create problems and discomforts to passenger. This is the real downside of this airline, I love them and to me SQ it’s “home” but at the same time I ate their “We don’t care of you  loyal passenger” attitude, reason why many of us are switching to CX.

Why booking Premium Eco?

  1. More personal space, good for relaxing up to 6 hours flight
  2. Very BIG high resolution TV screen
  3. Lots of smart compartments, perfect for working, keeping your stuff in order
  4. Good noise cancelling headphone
  5. Good value for money product





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    1. Hi there. It’s not on yet. I’m registered to their mailing list so as/when it happens you’ll all be the first to know. There will definitely be one at Christmas, the question is whether they will run one for Thanksgiving in November.

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