UOB Visa Signature Card- where have you been all my life?

So I have a confession to make. All this while I’ve given little to no coverage to one of the best cards to use for overseas spend.

I’m not quite sure how it slipped past me, but now that I know about it you can be sure it’s going into my starting lineup of cards


The UOB Visa Signature card has been around for a long, long time. It promises 4 miles per $1 of overseas spend, paywave, petrol or online spend, capped at the first $2,000 per month.

EDIT: There is a $1K minimum FOREX spend required per month to enjoy this bonus. Thanks to C on the comments

EDIT EDIT: The required spend is per statement period, not month. For me this is 15th to the 15th. This is quite an important distinction so do take note

In practice though, you’ll find yourself using this more for overseas spend than anything else, especially if you already have the DBS Woman’s Card to handle your online spending. Note also that UOB tends to be a lot stricter than DBS in their interpretation of what counts as “online” spend, so DBS Woman’s World card is my first choice for all things online.

uob visa signature

As for paywave, transactions, note that you will not get UNI$ at merchants who give out UOB SMART$, eg Coldstorage, even if you pay through paywave. Here’s the list of paywave merchants, but you’ll need to cross reference it against this list of SMART$ merchants to figure out who you won’t be earning 4 miles from. It’s because of this complication that I don’t really bother to use the paywave feature.

Assuming you travel a lot for business, this is an easy 8,000 miles per month. Remember that UOB pools your UNI$ together, so you can combine this with your UOB PRVI Miles card and your UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX card.

The card actually offers the option to cash out your UNI$ as a rebate which gives an equivalent 5% rebate for foreign spend. Needless to say, this is a waste of your UNI$ because miles would be so much more valuable in this situation.

This really affects your overseas spending strategy more than anything. What I’d be doing is the following

First choice: UOB Visa Signature Card ($1=4 miles, first $2,000)

Second choice: DBS Altitude AMEX ($1=3 miles, assuming you’re within the first 6 months of getting the card)

Third choice: UOB PRVI Miles ($1=2.4 miles)

Note that I’m talking about on the ground overseas spend here, ie physically passing your card to someone to swipe. If you’re making online bookings from Singapore in foreign currency, eg flights and hotels, the dynamic changes. You’d want to maximise the 4.5 miles per $1 on your DBS Altitude AMEX or the 4 miles per $1 on your DBS Woman’s World Card.

I’ll update the Milelion credit card flowchart to reflect this as soon as I can.

20 thoughts on “UOB Visa Signature Card- where have you been all my life?”

  1. That’s right. Need min 1k spend but it’s nonetheless very useful card if the spending pattern can fit. Need to be aware on the posting date to clock the requirement.

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for all the useful tips on the blog! I understand that the UOB Visa Signature gives 4 miles per $1 for overseas, online, petrol and Paywave transactions. While I understand that there are restrictive definitions on what constitutes qualifying online transactions, I don’t believe there are any restrictions on foreign currency transactions. Therefore, for e.g. if I buy air tickets from BA website and paid in GBP, it will not count as an online transaction but it will still qualify as an overseas transactions and I will still end up getting 4 miles per $1. Am I correct?

    1. yes, you’re right about that. the only thing i’d urge caution about in your situation is the location of the payment processor. Are you buying from BA’s singapore website and getting pricing in GBP because you’re buying a one way, say from LHR to somewhere else? (My understanding is that BA.com would normally quote in SGD for its SG site). If you are buying through the Singapore website, notwithstanding the fact that it is pricing in GBP it may be processing through a payment processor in Singapore in which case you would not get 4 miles per $1. If you want to be safe, you could try your DBS woman’s card or maybe the DBS Altitude (3 miles per $1, but if you have the current sign up promo you can get double that). Note that DBS, unlike UOB, doesn’t have this “where the payment processor is located” BS. they just look at the currency the transaction was done in

      1. Thanks for the tip! It didn’t occur to me to consider the location of the payment processor as a factor. I guess in that case I will stick to DBS Woman’s WMC if $2k.

  3. I just got this card and was reading the TNCs before heading overseas and noticed something to look out for. The $1K min spend is not per month, but per statement period, which would have caught me out.
    “Cardmembers will earn UNI$10 for every S$5 spent on transactions in foreign currencies, including online transactions in foreign currencies, which is equivalent to 5% cash rebate, subject to a minimum foreign currencies spend of S$1,000 per statement period.”

    1. yeah, that does trip up a lot of people. everyone’s statement period is the same right? for me it is 15th to 15th.

      edit: just realised i’ve been saying “per month” in the article. good catch. have updated.

  4. Hey Aaron… Now I am confused. So for uob visa signature it goes by statement month? Supposed statement date is 15th. Then the $1k spend must be clocked between the 15th day of two consecutive month? However for the DBS woman card which is by calendar month it does not matter? So if my statement date is 15th, then i spend $2k on 31 March and then $2k again on 1 April, even though both are in the same statement month, I still get 10times DBS points for both?

    1. the statement month/calendar month confusion is understandable.

      the statement month quirk is unique to UOB. for uob visa signature, your $1k must be clocked between the 15th of month x and the 14th of month x+1

      for DBS it is calendar month. so your statement date is irrelevant. just spend $2k per calendar month.

  5. Hi Aaron, your content is spectacular. Thank you so much for the information provided.

    Scenario: This card stays in my drawer and has $0 charged since day 1. Today I will take a trip to New York where I will proceed to charge USD$750 (equivalent to S$1,000) on a 1 night stay in a hotel. I will fly home the next day and put the card back into the drawer.

    Q: Will I get 4000 miles? ie. 4 miles for S$1?

    I want to use this as a dedicated holiday card, and it is easy to chalk up S$1,000 on a long holiday.

    1. hello hairy, thanks for the kind words. your analysis is correct. if you for whatever reason take 2 holidays in quick succession you should remember the statement period vs monthly distinction.

      1. Great! It’ll be an awesome holiday card then with the UOB PP Amex for dining and Citi Rewards for shopping. Thanks!

  6. The terms say ” minimum foreign currencies spend of S$1,000 per statement period”. So, if I make S$600 in foreign currency and S$400 in local SGD spend, will I be eligble for 10X or no? My guess from the terms, No. But reading above, it seems Yes.

  7. Also, just want to add more details with regards to the card. Even if you meet the min overseas spend of $1k, subsequent local spend on paywave and petrol will not qualify for 10 times points if local spend is not >$1k. So better to use this card strictly for overseas spend.

  8. Hey Aaron,

    Do you know if UNI$ will be credited to your account in the same month? or it will be retroactively credited in future?

    I made 2k of overseas spend between 12-Nov to 11-Dec (my statement period is the 12th), but I received a paltry 680 uni dollars when I checked my statement today (this includes $300 dollars spend on my PRVI miles card)


  9. Hi Aaron,

    A quick question on purchasing items online. Be it air tickets/hotels/agoda etc. Usually, assuming that the payment processor is in sg, the website will detect our IP to be from sg, and thus route payments to their sg processor.

    Assuming I’m using a VPN, and thus changing my location to say London. Would I then be eligible for such overseas spend bonuses because my payment processor would definitely be from London.

    Or would it be determined by “all countries, except the one that the card was issued”?

    Just wondering


    1. Here’s my (untested) thoughts. It comes down to which site you buy from. If you buy from Expedia SG site, your payment is likely to be processed in SG. If you buy from the Expedia UK site, however, it may be processed outside of SG.

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