Lifemiles Cyber Monday sale- 140% bonus!

Lifemiles is currently running a sale where they’re offering 115% and 125% bonuses depending on how much miles you buy (you can top up an additional 10% by joining Inside Flyer for free)

For Cyber Monday, they’re further sweetening the proposition by offering a 140% bonus regardless of how many miles you buy. This makes the cost per mile 1.375 US cents


Again, I wouldn’t recommend you buy Lifemiles speculatively, but this is a great price to buy them if you have a planned redemption in mind.

Remember that Lifemiles purchases count as airline spend for the purposes of bonus mile earnings on the DBS Altitude cards.

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14 thoughts on “Lifemiles Cyber Monday sale- 140% bonus!”

    1. it’s quite good, i recall past sales were 15-25%. I’m told on flyertalk that if you are a member of inside flyer (free to join) you get a further 10% bonus on top of the 140%. I joined but only 140% bonus posted…I’m told i need to wait “a while” before the additional 10% posts, but i’m not holding my breath. if it does post then 150% makes it a heck of a good deal

  1. Any tips on searching for availability? I’m looking for ANA too and the lifemiles site doesn’t seem to make it easy when dates are flexible.

    1. sorry man, my methods are decidedly brute force too. When I have flexibility I am literally doing a new search for every enquiry. There is no convenient date range feature to be used. I suspect if you knew how to use one of those tools like KVS or something you could see a range of dates, but I’ve not taught myself how to use KVS properly

    1. i’ve read about that online but i’m not really the expert on it. it sounds interesting though- here are some posts you might find useful (the guy who writes this site, lucky, is the real deal. check out the rolling stone article on him-

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