Uber and SPG team up for Valentine’s Day

Uber and SPG have a partnership where you can earn SPG points with every Uber ride you take. If you’re going to ride Uber anyway, might as well get something more out of it.


For Valentine’s Day, Uber is running a special promotion with Starwood Hotels in Singapore offering riders the chance to win  great prizes like the following



Just enter the promo code “UBERXSPG” in your Uber app before you book and you’re all set.

What’s strange is that it doesn’t seem like your chances of winning are increased by taking more Uber rides during this period. When I entered the code into my Uber app, I got the message “Congrats! You are registered for the Uber SPG V day promotion”.  In fact, I’m not entirely clear if you even need to take 1 ride during this period to qualify (the T&C definitely don’t say anything about that).

In any case, I’m registered. Let’s see what happens!

If you’ve not signed up for Uber yet, use my referral code to get $15 off your first ride!

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