UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX: Dead or alive?

TL;DR: The UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX is the best card for dining, both in Singapore and overseas with 4 miles per $1. But because it was a good thing, it is now gone.

no one cares about the mastercard

Or is it?

Back in Jan I wrote about a method you could use to get a UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX, so long as you had an existing UOB card

SMS spacespace to 77862
For example: SMS Yespp 7890 S1234567H to 77862.

To give a bit more clarity, “7890” here is the last 4 digits of your existing UOB card (This option will only be available to people who have an existing UOB card and not new applicants). “Yespp” means you want to apply for the Preferred Platinum Account. And yes, 77862 is the official UOB SMS number, you can verify that online.

Based on comments left below the article, the following people tried this method, and the majority reported it worked



Eddie- No

Tyrhung- Yes

Gabe- Yes

Ice- ?

KT- yes

Zac- Yes



Bleah- yes

Jason- yes

Anna- yes

Nikki- no

Alvin- yes


Felicity- yes



I can’t explain why it would work for some and not others. I assume everyone already has an existing UOB card and formatted their SMS correctly. So unless the datapoints suddenly all turn negative, I’d encourage those of you who already have a UOB card to give this a try.

For the rest who don’t, check out this article on dining cards in Singapore for alternatives.

99 thoughts on “UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX: Dead or alive?”

  1. Reply:
    Hi, this is an invalid keyword. Please contact our customer service officer at 1800-2222121 or visit uob.com.sg for any enquiry. Have a good day.

      1. SMS Yespp 7890 S1234567H
        The “S1234567H” should be nric number, correct? Or passport no if you are not citizen?
        Just checking if i did it right 🙂

  2. Just sent sms today. Got a return sms – “Thank you for your application. Your UOB Preferred PLatimium Cad Account will be sent to you within 10 working days, subjected to approval. “

  3. Tried on Jan 7th and 24th. Received the standard message “Thank you for your application. Your UOB Preferred PLatimium Cad Account will be sent to you within 10 working days, subjected to approval. ”

    Cards never arrived. Called to inquire last week and was told that they no longer issued the card.

    1. based on what other people are reporting that’s weird. i suppose you don’t see anything in your ibanking either? other people seem to get the card within 1-2 weeks of applying via sms. i suspect if you call uob customer service they’ll of course give you the standard line that the card is no longer available, but if people are still reporting cards getting issued then surely there must be some disconnect in the back end.

  4. Applied via SMS on 23rd Feb, card was approved in my internet banking account on 26th Feb, card received in mailbox 29th Feb.

    Alive and well!

      1. One minor point to note, I went to the bank to link all my new UOB credit cards to my savings account, and the service staff said that the Preferred Amex cannot be used for NETS (based on their system), although there is the NETS logo on the back of the card. Weird.

    1. that’s an interesting point you’ve raised. so not only are they still issuing new cards, they’re replacing old ones too. my best guess is that this is a transitional period where they have updated their front end (website removes the links, CSO’s trained to say it’s no longer available) but not the back end. enjoy it while it lasts, I guess!

  5. I tried in Jan, but the cards never came. Got the same reaction as Nanami when I called their hotline. Gave up and sent another SMS today. So let’s see if it actually arrives – this time around.

    1. Do you have a credit card with them right now? I believe the type of cd with them doesn’t matter, but I got a uob ppv with them when I sent the sms.
      Could it be the format your sms?

        1. Still didn’t arrive 🙁

          Could it be that my existing UOB card is too new?

          So sad thinking that the dining spend I put on HSBC Revolution could potentially earn double had I gotten this card 🙁

        2. I waited for one full month on both occasions. Might be the format as Tyrhung mentioned – I used my passport number to apply. The luggage promo of UOB Prvi card went through before on SMS using my FIN, so that’s what I’m using to apply this time.

          SMS sent. For the third time.

          1. Update: UOB called me and asked if I wanted to apply for UOB PP. I said yes. And poof – they sent me an application form. Which is the updated application form featuring, lo and behold, the YOLO card!!!


            Will try to SMS one more time. Or should I say, one last time.

              1. Fine. Then let me be not cool. I’ll just go back to watching tennis. LOL

                Update: another agent called and tried to send me another application form. I asked why I needed to do that when I already have an existing CC with UOB, but she insisted on sending the form. Out of my wits already… maybe I should give up…

              2. Final update: SMS applications are only available to citizens and PRs. Looks like I won’t be able to get it any other way… 🙁

                HSBC Revolution is getting all my business, then. And 75% of my spend is on food

  6. My partner applied for a different UOB card just to use this hack (cos it’s only for preexisting UOB cardholders). But worked just fine (he used the SMS method last week). Think it works as long as you get the syntax correct.

    1. Negative. The PP MC version can be kept inside your drawer once you receive it. Only the amex and visa is useful.

    1. My online banking just reflected for the Amex version therefore I believe they will be sending it on Monday.

      Please update that it works for me

  7. I’ve held the PPV for a long time, but following Imaginationaggedon I decided to send the SMS for a PPA on 29/3.

    The PPA appeared in my online banking on 2/4 and arrived in the post on 4/4. Its arrived a bit bent so something terrible happened to it en route, but I’ll see if it works.

  8. Thanks for your very helpful website and valuable tips!

    Applied on 31 March, went overseas, came back yesterday and PPA + PPMC were in the mailbox 🙂

  9. Thanks for the tips guys. I tried the sms once in early March. No news after 6 weeks. Sent it again and voila! Got them in a week.

  10. Hi Guys! Just a quick question, do we need to activate the MC version or can we just leave it as it is? Would that affect the AMEX version of collecting miles? Thanks!

    1. I found that UOB started texting me to activate, otherwise they may assume it got lost in the post and send you another. Best to activate I think.

  11. Applied for both Privmiles MC and PPA at the same time last week. but only the Privmiles MC showed up on internet banking. Getting my fingers crossed for PPA to show up soon.

      1. @Shawn, Privmiles & Preferred Platinum are different products. Did you receive Premiles Amex or Preferred Amex?

  12. Sms sent 5th June (Sun). Got a phone call to confirm over the week. PPM came on 17th. PPA arrived today. Still works! 🙂

  13. Still works …. I applied on 20 June .. The online banking shows the PPA on 1 July ..
    Looking forward to receiving ..

  14. smsed in on 14 jul 2016, thurs. Worked.

    initially was rejected, only then did i realise i typed yesapp instead of yespp

    just applied to try if it will work, but immediately received an sms saying that it will be sent to me in 10 days time. Now trying to find information about this card on UOB website but to no avail. Any link that will point me to more information will be much appreciated. Esp links to their terms and conditions and fine print.

  15. What are the rewards points if I using following cards to order foodpanda online, amounted $100?
    Preferred Platinum Amex
    Preferred Platinum Visa
    HSBC Revolution

    Please advise.

    Thank you

      1. 2 Aug – Received only PP MC Card. However online banking statements reflect both PP AMEX and MC accounts.
        Will try to have them send me the physical PP AMEX card, fingers crossed.

  16. 3rd August 2016 night – applied PP AMEX.
    15 August 2016 – Ibanking reflect PP AMEX.
    16 August 2016 – Received PP AMEX

    Hope that helps.

  17. 7oct – applied for card via SMS
    10oct – received call from UOB saying card has been demarketed, was offered prvi miles instead

    1. thanks. i’ve been receiving a few unsuccessful reports recently. I think this time they may finally have pulled the plug…

      1. 15Nov – applied for card via SMS

        20Nov – received call saying discontinued, but continued to push them citing other people who have received the card recently, CSO agreed to apply for me.

        8Dec – received card in mailbox

        still works! goodluck guys!

  18. They are still approving it. I don’t have a normal UOB credit card (I have corporate one), and applying for another card just to sms in for the PP Amex sounded too annoying. Found an old paper application form, thought why not and sent it in. Got an approval text last week.
    I don’t have online banking access despite trying many times (really really annoying), so waiting for the snail mail to arrive with the cards.

    As an aside, I have seen that they have bothered to redesign the PP MC with the new MC logo and include paypass on it. Interesting thing to do with a supposedly “dead” card.

    1. The link is correct, but then when it redirects to the card selection screen, there is no ppa from the list of cards available.

  19. Surprisingly, UOB just texted me to say that the cards are on the way so the PP AMEX is still available. Can I check if the 10x rewards also apply to entertainment spend such as bars, karaoke, clubs? Below is what it says at the uob link above:

    “Simply charge your dining experience at any restaurant, bar or café to your UOB Preferred Platinum American Express Card to enjoy 10X UNI$*.”

    1. I rang yesterday because it’s been more than 10 days since my positive SMS reply. The CSO insisted the card is not longer available despite the positive SMS reply 🙁

  20. @BIN tried the Existing UOB Card Member button, was directed to the generic cards page.

    Used the SMS approach over the weekend and received a call back today, that PP AMEX and Master are no longer available. CSO didn’t budge when fed with stories of friends who recently ‘successfully’ applied via sms. Just a quick PSA.

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