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UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX: Dead or alive?

TL;DR: The UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX is the best card for dining, both in Singapore and overseas with 4 miles per $1. But because it was a good thing, it is now gone.

no one cares about the mastercard

Or is it?

Back in Jan I wrote about a method you could use to get a UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX, so long as you had an existing UOB card

SMS spacespace to 77862
For example: SMS Yespp 7890 S1234567H to 77862.

To give a bit more clarity, “7890” here is the last 4 digits of your existing UOB card (This option will only be available to people who have an existing UOB card and not new applicants). “Yespp” means you want to apply for the Preferred Platinum Account. And yes, 77862 is the official UOB SMS number, you can verify that online.

Based on comments left below the article, the following people tried this method, and the majority reported it worked



Eddie- No

Tyrhung- Yes

Gabe- Yes

Ice- ?

KT- yes

Zac- Yes



Bleah- yes

Jason- yes

Anna- yes

Nikki- no

Alvin- yes


Felicity- yes



I can’t explain why it would work for some and not others. I assume everyone already has an existing UOB card and formatted their SMS correctly. So unless the datapoints suddenly all turn negative, I’d encourage those of you who already have a UOB card to give this a try.

For the rest who don’t, check out this article on dining cards in Singapore for alternatives.

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141 Comments on "UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX: Dead or alive?"

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Used the sms method to apply on 10 May, today just retrieved from mailbox the PP Visa and Privmiles Master..feel like calling in to ask abt the amex…anyone successful recently?

Qns: Did your PRVI MC come in the new Mastercard logo or the old one?

I’m not sure what’s the difference between the old and the new logo, maybe you can describe it

New logo is 2 overlapping circles with the word MasterCard underneath.
Old logo is the 2 interlocking circles with the word MasterCard through the middle of the circles

Not sure why Chelsea is asking haha. Which one looks nicer?

The new one – they sent me the old one and I’ll admit I was a biiiit miffed.

Disclaimer: I am not the metal card type. Before I get judged 😛

And here I am wondering when Amex will roll out across other countries the metal Platinum charge cards that it just launched in the US…. hahaha

i received the old one too

🙁 Why don’t they just send the cards they advertised grrrrr

Lai we can host a metal-card mutiny hahahah nobody shall judge us for this!

Seems to be some disconnect on service centre about the PP Amex. CSO intially said i could apply for it then i think she was corrected and gave the standard response that its demarketed. Gives us some hope! Anyway, apparently if you already have the PP Amex and it expires they will continue to replace the card and honor it. Don’t currently have the card so have tried the SMS method. Hopefully this works and will update. 🙂

It seems like UOB made changes to their T&C for UOB PP, as stated on their website:

“Please visit the terms and conditions for the revised online merchant categories eligible for 10X UNI$ rewards effective 1 Jul 2017.”

More and more restrictions 🙁

Just tried this today and got the invalid keyword reply.

Sad. Maybe also my income not high enough. *sob*

Hi! Has anyone managed to get the card successfully in recent times? Tried sending SMSes but keeps saying invalid keyword.

Tried to apply for supplementary card 3 times. Got called back saying it is demarketed.