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UOB PRVI Miles gives a nice surprise

I gave UOB some stick for their PRVI Miles devaluation (and their ridiculous decision to call it an “enhancement”), but credit where it’s due for small unexpected surprises like this:


I received a letter dated 17th May 2016 with $30 of Paradise Group dining vouchers inside.

The letter goes-

Thank you for your support for using UOB PRVI Miles American Express Card.

As a token of our appreciation we are pleased to enclose $30 worth of complimentary dining vouchers from Paradise Group with this letter.

With no minimum spend required, the vouchers are valid till 31 July 2016. We hope you will enjoy a sumptuous meal with this privilege specially put together for you.

We look forward to your continuous support.

Yes, the vouchers do expire rather soon (31 July is only 2 months away), but gift mouth horse don’t look.

I am trying to figure out what the criteria was for receiving these vouchers, and the only guess I have is that I met the $50,000 spending target in 2015 for the 20,000 miles bonus on the PRVI Amex.

So if you were a PRVI Amex cardmember last year, keep your eyes open.

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Any tips to generate that much spend on an Amex ?

I usually get a sgd 50 coupon. Last one was for rabbit hole

I just got mine this year! And I still haven’t gotten a UOB PP Amex 🙁 so I’m not expecting to get this in my mailbox anytime soon.