The Milelion is featured in the Straits Times!

I’m delighted to be featured in today’s (29th May) Straits Times feature on how careful credit card spending can reap massive rewards. And a big shout out to our resident guestwriter and hotel review expert Fred for being featured too.

The full article can be found here, and because over time the link will become invalid you can find a PDF version here. Or you can just click below…


Although I am disappointed I was not portrayed as a loopy, Howard Hughes type huddled in a dim room with long fingernails, jars of urine and mountains of discarded credit cards, my hope is that with sufficient time I will achieve such levels of eccentricity.

Man, that’d be awesome for publicity.

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12 thoughts on “The Milelion is featured in the Straits Times!”

  1. Well done man! You deserved to be featured!

    But they should feature your chart on how to maximise each credit card to get the spend, and not that chart which also feature useless SQ-Krisflyer-Amex cards!

    Nonetheless, good article by the way!

  2. When I saw the article on ST, my first thought was “they must have featured Milelion!” I scanned through the paragraphs and voila! Congrats!!

  3. I’m more dismayed by the (I think) errors on the chart – e.g. I believe they’ve used the wrong image for the SCB VI pictured is the Priority Banking version, not the general VI they more recently launched that they list the earn rate for) and have incorrect info for miles transfer fee for Citi Prestige, at least.

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