Roundup of the Apple & Samsung Pay promotions (Edit: Android Pay added)

I use a Blackberry. It’s not a work requirement. I use it voluntarily. And I am very happy, thank you. It is the best phone ever. Let us take a moment to bask in its awesome glow

But apparently there are two other phone makers out there, Samsung and Apple, which I am only hearing about right now. And apparently they’ve launched NFC payment solutions with an assortment of promotions

And apparently I’m late to the party, because this has been going on for more than a month already. I’m not even sure the promotions listed below have been fully redeemed already. But anyway for posterity’s sake, here’s Fred-

The arrival of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in Singapore brought a wave of promotions which anyone should be glad of!

Except those without a smartphone capable of using them (ML: I’m very happy with my phone, Fred).


 The devices capable of Apple Pay are the newer ones as listed in the capture below.
 For Samsung Pay, only the mobile phones are enabled (not too sure) and for Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ and newer.

Citibank gives a very good explanation of how Samsung Pay works!

Apple Pay works similarly and needs no more details.


First, check you have a device capable of using the payment mode.
 I bought a new iPhone for Apple Pay because my old iPhone 5 was dying (excuses, excuses). Unfortunately, my Samsung phone was also too outdated but I concluded the rewards are not worth spending the $1000 on a new Android phone.

Next, enter your card details into the Wallet App for the iPhone and Samsung Pay App for Samsung phones.

You should receive an OTP from the relevant bank regarding the addition of the card to a mobile payment option.

Enter the OTP and you are done!


Very simple. Just hold your phone to the reader and authorize the payment with your touch-ID or passcode. Thus, any paywave/paypass contactless reader can be used with Apple/Samsung Pay. I personally feel the process is much faster than swiping the physical card.


I have read that the payment transaction is not immediately sent to the bank and may post much later compared to using the card itself.
I also had to retry on several occasions, but so far I have not noted any duplicate transactions on my statements.


This is obviously the best part!
The various banks are having their own promotions for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay
(ML note: here’s the information summarized in a table format)
Apple Pay Samsung Pay Android Pay
DBS/POSB 20% rebate, capped at $10 per cardholder, first 50,000 customers till 25 May 2016 $10 cashback with minimum of 3 Samsung Pay transactions and combined spend of $40 for first 20,000 cardholders, till 15 Sept 2016 25% rebate on first 5 Android Pay transactions capped at $10 per customer, for the first 10,000 customers till 30 Sept 2016
UOB $10 cash rebate with minimum spend of $10, first 10,000 qualifying transactions on 25 May 2016 only Not supported None. Surprisingly.
OCBC 3% rebate, capped at $15 per cardholder, until 25 June 2016 5% rebate capped at $15 per customer, limited to $200,000 aggregate redemption across all OCBC cardholders, or until 31 Aug 2016 whichever comes first 5% rebate capped at $15 per customer till 31 July 2016
SCB 20% rebate capped at $50 per cardholder, first 10,000 cardholders till 31 July 2016 20% rebate capped at $50 per cardholder, first 5,000 cardholders till 16 July 2016 20% rebate capped at $50 per customer, limited to 5,000 customers till 28 July 2016
American Express None. Haha, losers. Not supported Not suported
Citibank Not supported Stand a chance to win a Samsung phone every day till 15 July 2016 (or use your Citi Rewards card for 4 miles/$1) Not supported
 Overall, I think the Samsung Pay promotions are better.
I took part in the Standard Chartered Bank’s Apple Pay Promotion which was 20% rebate (up to $50) and the bank is running a similar promotion for Samsung Pay as well! Check out the promotions by DBS as well for Apple Pay and Samsung Pay too!

My particular favourite, which I can’t participate in, is from Citibank which the different cards have different advantages. There is one card which I think is really useful and it starts with R.

(ML: come on Fred, just paste the damn table)

The promotions won’t last long and please take note of the terms and conditions as always. Share your experiences in the comments please!

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  1. what’s the best dbs card to use for Samsung pay? for some reason, I keep having the impression that the women’s world card gives the same miles for Samsung pay as with online purchases. can anyone pls enlighten?

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