The DBS Woman’s Card is alive, for now

Was it all much ado about nothing? Reports are starting to come in that the bonus points for June are now reflecting in people’s DBS Points accounts, and nothing has changed. All the transactions that used to earn you bonus points before, will still earn you bonus points now.

I had 2 Paypal transactions last month that I feared would be excluded under the new T&C, but the points seem to have posted successfully for those too. I called up DBS to confirm this but their rep says he needs some time to do the calculation so I’ll update this again later.

The question now is- what was the point of modifying the T&C if nothing has changed IRL? Was it, as the DBS rep on HWZ said, simply a matter of clarification? It’s a strange sort of clarification if so because some of the transactions that have earned 10X were excluded in the new T&C. Not that I’m complaining.

A disconcerting thought is starting to take root at the back of my head that since the T&C changes were announced in June, maybe they will only take effect from July, meaning that 16 August is the actual D-day, not 16 July. But that sounds awfully similar to doomsday prophets who predict the end of the world then backtrack and say they were off, just a little bit.

So I’m going to take victories where we can find them and continue using my DBS Woman’s card as per normal.

Happy weekend!

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77 thoughts on “The DBS Woman’s Card is alive, for now”

  1. Hi Aaron, the T&Cs has indeed kicked in but I suspect DBS has conveniently kept some of the key online spend to stop the avalanche of cancellations. I didn’t receive any bonus points for Nets flashpay Auto Top Up and payment to insurance company. No bonuses for payment to govt orgs like LTA for traffic fine too. Seems like the bonus only came in for paypal and fevo card. And its been pretty consistent for June and July statements.

    1. interesting… i didn’t test those categories. let me put a caveat in the article as we await more data points. thanks for letting me know

    2. June, may I ask what mode of payment did you use for “payments to govt orgs like LTA for traffic fine”? Was it through e-AXS or some other means?

      1. Online, I paid via the website and went through the usual mode of receiving the Mastercard secure code so its definitely an online payment and not offline processing. Tried it for CGH payment for a hospital bill and it didn’t work. But the LTA one was pretty obvious because I did receive bonus points for the same type of payment made in March.

  2. I had 2 transactions for airbnb that didn’t seem to register for bonus points. And 2 air tickets from European airlines that I purchased directly through their website.

    1. that doesn’t make sense at all though, because these should qualify regardless. you might want to call them up to check this

    1. Talking to two CSOs, they both mentioned that FEVO to them is not a prepaid account. Buying the card and topping up a debit card is not a considered payment to a prepaid account.

      I suppose I could make a parallel with buying a gift card with cash value for someone.

      Time will tell whether the CSOs are correct.Similar to Aaron, I will also use the FEVO for now 🙂

      1. Don’t clarify with them. By calling you are just alerting them. Just test them yourself. If it works, good. If not, so be it.

  3. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for this new guide! 😊
    I was beginning to fear that I will have less and less use for the woman’s card.

    I am pretty new to the miles game and thanks to your helpful site (which I check daily) it made it possible.

    One question though, how do you make out that you earn points on certain transactions? Do you have a system whereby you can tally to check if you expect missing points? It would be great to see a guide on that so that we don’t miss out on all the miles. 😉

    Thank you!

    1. Wouldn’t call it a system. It is just a spreadsheet breakdown calculation.
      If you spent on 10 transaction and rewarded Y points, calculate each transactions should earn you how many points and if it tally against reflected.

    2. what merlion said. unfortunately in singapore it is super ma fan (and deliberate, I’m sure). you need to call the CSO and go through transaction by transaction. it sucks, but nothing we can do about it.

      1. Thanks Aaron/Merlion for the tip.

        I tried to call the CSO from Citibank once about missing miles and was told that they will call back for once they verify and they never called back. Should I ask then for the answer only on the call and not rely on them getting back?

        I do agree the system is deliberately ma fan.

        I am trying to put together a Google sheet to help me auto calculate all the miles. Will share once I’m done. Currently it will only cover DBS WMMC, Alti visa and Citibank premier visa and rewards Visa.

        1. If they don’t call back after 1 day, it might be better to call them again. Alternatively, I would use the internet banking messaging system on Citibank – that would work better for a proper record.

  4. Hai,

    I also received points for Fevo prepaid but no point given now for pay Singtel bill (is it consider utility ? )

  5. Hi

    I received 9x points for Axs payment, nets ATU and Ezylink.
    So, am not sure why you said nets ATU is not included.

    Thank you

    1. I think there’s a bit of confusion now as people are reporting different things. to avoid confusion i’m going to take down the categories on top until we get more datapoints and verification on categories that can and cannot earn.

  6. just to share my results, no 9x received for nets ATU for june spending and also for singtel mybill paid from singtel website.

    nets atu last received 9x for may spending only.

  7. I doubt the revised tnc or so it seem opened up more options right? I am guessing its either maintain or reduced options.

  8. Just wanted to state that there’s still a bit of confusion about what does and doesn’t qualify. From my browsing so far it appears that FEVO/Paypal/general online is still fine ,but people are reporting issues with nets flashpay ATU, fines. Singtel is mixed bag. This is going to get a lot more confusing before it gets clearer.

  9. DBS updated me with the breakdown of my Jun txns, confirmed I’m missing 9x points for Grab and will credit to me.

    I received 9x points for the following: Singtel bill (direct), Ezlink top n tap, fevo, axs to a certain govt entity (cough)

    Also, their 9x calculation is:
    1) Individual txn amt/5*9, round to 2dp
    2) Sum the above
    3) Round down the total to nearest integer

    1. Thanks for the info, I didn’t realise they round to 2 decimal places instead of to the integer before adding them up. That would help future calculations.

      And ahem, which Govt entity? *wink*

  10. Ezlink top up stations had started to accept visa paywave for top up. Had switch to UOB Visa Preffered Platinum to continue topping up with nets flash pay.

      1. Anyway to get the fevocard working at ezlink top up stations? Cause I did like to keep the nets fl card in used as some place only accept nets.

  11. Sorry for a bit of spams, check hwz. This visa paywave (or Credit Card) top up at ez link machine has only been available at the start of this month. Not sure how you confirm preffered platinum paywave is not getting points for you, I havent recieved my statment yet. Do you have any sources I can reffered to? Alternatively, Im trying to get fevo card to top up my nets fp this few days. Seems fevo is excluded for used, at least for now.

  12. HELP!! I made a transaction on Expedia after midnight on 1 Aug, but it was recorded on my DBS statement as a transaction on 31 July (which means i dont get 9x points because I have already bust the July cap). CSO said this is because it is still 31 July on Expedia’s side. Anyone had this experience before? Also sharing this so that you guys don’t make the same mistake… it’s painful 🙁

      1. off topic- sorry about the new comments system. I’ve changed it so you can use a single character as your name. It used to be min 3 characters.

    1. Strange, I would have thought that it would use the date of the bank rather than the date of the vendor. But good information to take note of.

  13. Has anyone tried using this to pay for NTUC Income insurance payments, whether directly, or via AXS (credit card) or via AXS (Masterpass)?

      1. Thanks June for the input. I presume that you paid it directly on their website? I guess its FEVO time for NTUC insurance if that’s the case.

          1. Hello, I paid TM insurance via e-axs(Masterpass) using both DBS woman world and DBS woman 2 days ago. 1x points not credited for both cards. Transaction listed as AXS Payment. Anyone has experience whether 9X points would be credited 16th of month or none at all since transaction is listed as AXS payment? Thanks!

  14. Sorry guys and girls, new to Singapore’s miles game. What is the best card to use to receive miles on paying StarHub, Singtel and SP bills?

  15. Confirm: E-Axs no longer award any initial and bonus point using DBS Women Card. last check on April 17 using the normal woman card.

      1. Masterpass by itself doesnt award any points for any card. Its just a gateway to store card data. Points will ultimately depend upon your specific card and the type of transaction.

  16. Does 10x points(WWMC) still apply for top-up of FEVO card? I will go ahead and get the FEVO card if it still does. Thanks.

  17. Hi!
    I just checked my bonus points for both Womans cards and it is less than half of what I expected. Anybody noticed less bonus points than usual for the woman cards?

    Called CSO to check, they will come back to me… or not.


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