The Milelion x World Vision campaign is live!

For the next one year, The Milelion will be supporting the work of World Vision Singapore through the money raised from advertorials, banner ads, consulting services and freewill donations from readers of this site.

It took a bit longer than expected to get the campaign up and going (apparently there are legal implications and MOUs to be signed), but the page is finally live!

As pledged, the first batch of The Milelion’s (very sad) Google ads revenue has been donated to the campaign. More donations from an upcoming series of advertorials will follow, as well as whatever Google ad revenue subsequently comes in.

If you enjoy the content of The Milelion, please feel free to contribute any amount you wish via the donation page. The payment is processed online and I will update this again when I find out if it qualifies for 10X points with the HSBC Advance Visa or the DBS Woman’s World Card.

Thank you all for supporting this initiative, and here’s to a blessed campaign. $5,000 ahoy!


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7 thoughts on “The Milelion x World Vision campaign is live!”

  1. Any updates on whether DBS gives 10x for Thinking about whether to use that card, or to incur extra 1% via the prepaid route…

      1. Looks like HSBC Advance didn’t give 10x for a transaction I’d made in March. =(

        Will try to ask clarify with them via ibanking but thought I’d flag it out first.!

        1. ah. i’ve been using my hsbc for if it doesn’t give 10x then i dont think anyone else will, definitely not dbs woman’s world. thanks for supporting the campaign though! i know we’re a bit short but I still think we’ll make it once i send over the google ad revenues (and hopefully a few other side ventures the site is working on)

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