Friends with bennies? Krisflyer member-get-member promo with 20k miles to be won

Sometimes I wish I had friends. Because they’d be useful for promotions like this.

Krisflyer is having a Top Referrer promotion until 18 December 2016 where the top 20 referrers get 20,000 miles each.

How this works

  • Refer your friends to sign up for Krisflyer and quote your Krisflyer membership number in the Referred by a Friend section

  • If you are one of the Top 20 referrers from now till 18 December 2016, you get 20,000 Krisflyer miles, and each of your referees get 500 miles.

I can’t remember ever seeing Krisflyer do a member-get-member promotion like this, and at the back of my mind I wonder what’s to stop some unscrupulous individual from farming out sign ups to a temp agency paying $6 an hour. 1 temp, 20 sign ups an hour…

I digress. As much as I fancy 20,000 miles, I’m somewhat uncomfortable about posting my KF number in such a public place (you’ll note I redact it on all my trip reports). However if you have no such qualms, feel free to leave yours in the comments. Although I doubt this is the correct forum to publicise such things, given that most people who come here would almost certainly have a Krisflyer account already.

As per the T&C, any Krisflyer member who resides in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia or India aged 18 or above can take part. If you do win miles, they need to be used within 1 year from the date they’re credited.

Credit to Kevin L on Flyertalk for originally posting about this.

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It should be 18 Dec 2016!

500 miles is about $1, literally is an insult to the members’ contacts. And that’s provided you win it, absolutely silly.