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Shopback-AMEX free money offer, $50+$50 up for grabs

Christmas comes early-ish as Shopback and AMEX have teamed up to offer $50 cashback and a $50 welcome voucher for any shopback user (sign up using my link and I get $5, you get $10 with first purchase) who successfully signs up for one of the following 4 cards

Once you’ve done your sign up and got your application reference number, send an email to [email protected] with your ShopBack email address and application reference number.

That’s it. You will get $50 credited to your ShopBack account within 60 days. No matter how many AMEX cards you sign up for, you will only get 1x $50 credit and 1x $50 voucher (Fairprice, Starbucks, Tangs, Tung Lok). Read the full T&C here.

All the cards come with the first year annual fee free, so you really have nothing to lose by signing up. I got the AMEX Platinum Card but don’t intend to put a single cent on it (unless, perhaps, I find a way to make the 50% off F&B program work for me).

This promotion was live, then taken down, and now it’s live again. ShopBack reserves the right to pull it at any time, so please chiong. You have 3 days left to do this.

Thanks to Darius for alerting me to this.

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Is this only for new card sign-ups? Or old ones also can so long as there is a reference number?

Is the blue AMEX card really that bad? Now I don’t feel good holding on to it. But AMEX has good customer service though, that I can vouch for.

Signed up for the opening gift, got my 10k miles it’s in my drawer now.

Signed up for the amazing Amex Capital land Card.

That’s the only card Capital land allows for the purchase of their vouchers.. sweeet..

Hi Aaron,

Seems like this has been taken… could not found the any Amex deals

note that the voucher only applies for new card applications, if you are upgrading or downgrading an existing card then it will not apply for you.

i already own 2 amex cards, i’ll have to upgrade or downgrade an existing card to apply, and will not get the vouchers.

Cant you apply for a third one?

Amex + shopback promo is back. But without the voucher. However you are entitled to earn $50 per card signup. Ie 2 cards = $100