The Milelion Directory has been updated for January

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Hello everyone

The Milelion directory has been updated for January.

Traditionally, the directory has only listed articles of continuing relevance to readers (and not limited time sales or deals). However, I realise that it can be useful for people to read about deals that have passed in order to anticipate and better prepare themselves for deals that may arise in the future. Some examples of this include the recent Garuda 90% off award ticket adventure and the recurring Lifemiles sales.

Therefore, for the sake of completeness I will progressively start adding links to articles I’ve published about limited time promotions. If you see some great deal in the directory and click on it, don’t get disappointed if it’s long over.

You can always find the latest directory here. As of December, the directory reads as follows-

Airline Programs

Credit Cards


Rental Cars

SIM Cards

Reviews of Flights and Hotels (Trip Reports)

Other useful stuff

[Last updated: 10 Jan 17]

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