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8 Miles per $1 with Citibank Rewards and Amazon (edit: extended to 30 Jun 2017)

Shop till you drop.

From now till 31 October, Citibank Rewards cardholders can get 8 miles per S$1 spent on (EDIT: Extended to 30 June 2017)

No registration is required for this. The maximum bonus you can earn is 8,000 miles or S$1,000 spend per statement period (which may or may not be calendar month).

I know everyone is holding out for the Black Friday sales on Amazon in November. No worries, you can prepay your Black Friday balance by buying an Amazon Gift Card now.

The cap applies per card, not per account. What this means is that if you have both the Citibank Rewards Visa and MC you can get up to 16,000 miles per statement period (spending $1,000 each on the Visa and MC).

The downside of Citibank is that they make it difficult to pool your points for redemptions. I understand that if you dial in you can ask the CSO to pool your points so that you only pay one conversion fee but I’ve not tried this before.

If you need someone to mule your Amazon purchases back home, try AirFrov.

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if i were to value each mile conservatively at 2 cents, spending $1000 gets me 8000 miles valued at $160. that suggests 16% rebate? 😮

Correct! 🙂

Based on more recent HWZ forum postings, it’s no longer possible to pool points from different Citi cards. =(

“The maximum amount of Citi Dollars that each Eligible Cardholder can earn under this Promotion is capped at 20,000 Citi Dollars per statement cycle.”

Doesn’t this mean the max is 8,000 miles per month even if one holds both Visa and MC?

Also, I note on the Amazon website that gift cards are “sold and delivered by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., an Amazon company.” There’s a risk that gift cards might not count towards retail spend?

It definitely does count as Amazon retail spend. I’ve bought on multiple occasions & no problem at all.

out of curioustiy, what are people buying off amazon?

clothes, shoes, books, toys, electronics!

Still subjected to a cap of $12k bonus. In other words, 4 miles or 8 miles, the theoretical cap per statement year is 48,000 miles? Miles expires 5 years later so 240k miles max for a miles transfer.

The extra 4 miles are not subject to the annual cap of 120,000 points. They have a separate cap.

Seems like the promotion has been extended to 31st Dec 2016.

As LT pointed out and after checking T&C’s on the site they did extend the promotion to the rest of the calendar year.

While ordering from Amazon US website, is there any cash back or URL referral website that we can use? Krisflyer spree doesn’t seem to support Amazon.

8 miles on Amazon US extended until 31st March 2017

whats worth buying?

Pet supplies seems interesting but the brand I use don’t qualify for free shipping to Singapore

Could i please check if a CitiPrestige MC is eligible for this 8mpd?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Aaron,

The promo here’s been extend to the end of June 2017.

“Shop at Amazon & get 20X* Rewards (20 points or 8 Miles for every S$1 spent). Valid till 30 June 2017.”

They might as well make this a Card value proposition. Extended to July 2017 now 🙂

Shop at Amazon & get 20X Rewards* (20 points or 8 Miles for every S$1 spent). Valid till 31 July 2017.

does anyone know if this has been extended into July?

We are now into the 8th day of August

does anyone know if this has been extended into August?