Cardup adds limited time member get member promotion

EDIT: The Cardup member get member promotion has been extended indefinitely

I’ve written previously about the startup Cardup, which charges a 2.6% fee in exchange for letting you use your credit card to make payments that normally couldn’t be made using a credit card. This means you can earn rewards points and miles on payments like rental, school fees, condo fees, insurance etc. Think of it conceptually as an opportunity to buy miles at a discounted rate.

Give $20, get $20

Cardup has launched a member get member promotion that lasts from now till 31 May 2017.

Under this promotion, any member that signs up via your referral code gets $20 off the Cardup fee for their first payment. You get $20 off your next payment for each successful referral. The maximum amount of free credit you can earn is $200 per account, or 10 referrals. Given the 2.6% fee, a $20 Cardup credit will cover the fees incurred on a ~$770 maximum value transaction.

My promo code is AARONW54, but feel free to post your own referral codes in the comments section below.

I realise the last time I wrote about this there was some confusion as to which cards earn 10X rewards points through Cardup. I have previously confirmed receiving 10X rewards points on Cardup using my DBS Woman’s World card for a transaction made in November 2016. I have not personally tested any of the following cards which offer 10X for online spending

  • HSBC Advance
  • UOB Pref Platinum Visa
  • Citibank Rewards
  • OCBC Titanium Rewards

The long and short of the matter is that there isn’t a whole lot of transparency on the back end of the banks as to how they classify transactions. There’s always a risk that you’ll not get what you were expecting. However- this member gets member promotion presents an opportunity for us to test different cards. Whether or not your 10X successfully posts, you don’t end up out of pocket, so that should lower the barrier to trying.

As a reminder, if you use a card like the UOB PRVI, you’ll get 1.4 mpd, or 1.86 cpm. You could potentially get 0.65 cpm with a 10X card, but that depends on whether you’re willing to gamble with either getting 10X or 1X (0.4 mpd).

Sharing is caring- please post the results of your field testing below. There might not be a point testing the HSBC Advance (assuming they don’t renew the 10X promotion), but I’d be interested to see what happens for other cards. Will give my Citibank Rewards card a test, if someone sends some free credit my way!

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214 thoughts on “Cardup adds limited time member get member promotion”

  1. I have tested Stan chart singpost, HSBC advance and dbs woman’s in the past 3 months and NONE of them qualified as online transactions
    Fyi for everyone

      1. A general comment for the CardUp team:
        Charging 2.6% is quite a lot for the privilege to put rent on a credit card unless there are some serious points on offer. Since the banks have clued onto this, you stand to lose a lot of points-hungry clients unless you change the way the payments are being processed so they are earning top earn rates.
        And another thing from the previous CardUp post by Aaron where you guys mentioned that you had tried to verify the earn rates with the banks themselves – can you not do something so naive and silly next time? The ability to earn points partly relies on the banks not figuring out you are not spending as intended.

        1. but to be fair tim, if i were a customer i’d like to have the certainty of 10x before i’d be willing to take the plunge. in my opinion it’s up to cardup and the banks to work it out among themselves and come to an agreement that works for both parties. now, it could be that the commercial agreement between cardup and the banks leads to the banks taking a smaller cut of the transaction compared to, say, when you use your credit card to get 10x on an air ticket booking. i don’t know. but it seems to me that it’s in the interest of all parties that some certainty is established, the banks get their cut, cardup gets their cut, the consumers get their rewards. that’ll only come through dialogue, not keeping quiet and hoping each month that it doesn’t go away. ultimately it is in cardup’s interest to get the 10x secured.

          1. I get your point, but I doubt this is how the banks intend for their award programs to be used (a lot of T&Cs exclude payment service providers, some like UOB PPV were meant to be only for online shopping), so to me it was largely a loophole that was being exploited. Querying the banks just puts it front and centre with them, and we now see banks blacklisting the service from the 10x programs which validated my previous feelings that this was a loophole. The fact it is a loophole means that there is no certainty to agree on in this matter.

            I would much prefer for the company to be constantly checking discreetly – e.g. through actively seeking feedback from customers, or trialling with their own personal cards. That would add a tremendous amount of value to me.

            1. I done a 1000+ insurance payment and paid a 12months premium directly. What i understood after more than 20 emails and telephone conversation with cardup and UOB is that….

              UOB frontline/CS team has no awareness of what cardup is.. they will just say this is not eligible. In the end my insurance payment of $1000 only got 1xUNI$ and cardup team refunded me the cardup transaction fees.

              Cardup seems to be communicating with the UOB marketing team and have successfully convinced them to accept cardup as a online payment. I did a huge payment recently and got the UNI$ (for my UOB PP – HOORAY!)

              but that being said, this is still up to UOB and how they work together with cardup. Just hope that cardup continues to keep the good working relationship with UOB.

      2. Hi Aaron,

        Now that CardUp transaction no longer qualify for 4mpd for DBS Woman and PPV, do you think it is worth paying 1.9% transaction fee (I got the promo for 3 months) using Citi Premier Miles for just 1.2mpd?

        1. well, that’s 1.58 cpm, a decent price (refer to my article on the cost of buying miles) in anyone’s book. question is- do you have a use for those miles in mind? are you trying to hit some spending bonus target for the premiermiles?

          1. Thanks for replying! I have study how to calculate the cpm again, terrible at maths concept :-p

            I am merely “collecting” miles now, dont have enough to redeem on my Citi Premiers now. And no spending bonus target is running now. I am using DBS Woman to collect miles for the online transactions currently, and CitiPremiermiles for other retail.

            Question is, I am not sure if it is still worthy to pay for CardUp transaction fee to collect miles using either Citi PremilerMiles, or any other CC for that matter.

            Do you still use Cardup? If yes, mind to share what CC do you think still justify for paying the 2.6% fee?

            Thanks in advance for sharing!

            1. occasionally use it to pay my NUSS bill. i have a lot of referral codes in my account so haven’t paid the 2.6% lately. using my prvi miles.
              i mean, i’m all for collecting miles, but you know that you shouldn’t hold them too long. also depends how many you currently have on hand- if you’re like a 10k balance then yes, sure, build up more. but if you’re already at 500k? maybe not…

              1. Many thanks YIBin Tan for using my promo code. Here is my CardUp promo code for $20 off the cardup fee:


                Thanks 🙂

  2. Aaron I tried using your code and it prompts a “Sorry, you are not eligible to redeem this offer”

    Hopefully its because you are already fully redeemed.

    Would anyone else like me to use their code?

    1. Weird- don’t see any successful referrals on my side. But feel free to post your code as well! If you get free credit pls report back on 10x opportunities. Thanks to those who have reported so far

      1. I just did used your referral code, win-win situation as well as appreciation for highlighting this promo! I tried on a cashback card, see if it qualifies.

    2. You can try mine JAMESL80

      I used UOB PPV in Feb 17, and got the 10x. But hearsay UOB has since revised this CardUp eligibility for online transaction.

    1. Hi Ben,

      CardUp operates in payment sectors where cards are not accepted. As telcos already accept cards today, it’s not a payment type we offer. Hope this clarifies.

      Diana | The CardUp Team

    1. Hi there,

      We are aware of an issue that occurred on transactions in the month of February. But are pleased to confirm that moving forward, CardUp transactions using the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card will continue to earn the x10 bonus UNI$ (although any future changes to card terms can be made at the card issuers discretion).

      Do drop us a note at [email protected] if you have any questions.

      Diana | The CardUp Team

      1. I also didn’t get the DBS WWMC points for last month’s transaction… Can you confirm whether it’s over or not?

        1. I did cardup transactions in Feb using both UOB PPV and DBS WWMC and I can confirm that I did not get 10X bonus points for both cards. UOB called and confirmed with me that cardup transactions is excluded from getting 10X UNI.

    1. Hi CPNN,

      When scheduling your payment, you will see an option to enter a promo code after you have added/selected your credit card. The discount off the CardUp fee will be reflected before you confirm your payment.

      Diana | The CardUp Team

  3. Looks like CardUp is not being honest with points/mileage earned based on many individuals’ comments/experiences. I have to admit that I was very tempted to use CardUp, as my rent is more than $20k a month. Since it is no small amount, I tried to locate a phone number to call, but there is none. So I drove down to their registered office and found out that the address is located in a virtual office. CardUp has no staff there, no contact number and even owed the virtual office for their virtual address service. Tread with caution.

    1. I am curious as to:
      a) how well protected you are if you launch a chargeback if you find out your rent has not been paid
      b) how long it takes some landlords to realise they have not received the rent

      Interesting point on the virtual office being owed money. Not a good omen.

      I have taken to using one of their competitors as personally I have pushed through about 2-3 months of rent through CardUp and received only the base amount of points across a range of cards. Pretty damn poor return on the 2.6% fee. Tried the competitor this month (split across 2 cards), already got the online rewards on one and waiting to see on the other.

    2. Hi there,

      We’re sorry to hear this. Our intention is always to be 100% transparent and have our customers best interests top of mind.

      We’re aware of a temporary issue in February for the UOB PPV card, which has now been resolved. We’ve also been in touch with our affected users through the process. Unfortunately, awarding of points is ultimately at the card issuers discretion, so whilst we do our best to inform users based on the information we have, we’re never able to give guarantees as changes to card t&c’s can be implemented at any time.

      With regards to our office and team, rest assured we have a full team here in Singapore, our office location is simply different to our registered company address. We’d love to grab a coffee and meet you anytime!

      We are backed by local investors including The FinLab (UOB bank) and were a finalist in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s FinTech programme in 2016, so are working closely with the local financial ecosystem to deliver a secure and trustworthy service for users.

      Diana | The CardUp Team

  4. Hi all,

    Previously x10 DBS points were being credited on CardUp transactions but we’re in discussion with DBS as understand there may have been a temporary issue in February. We will come back to you again as soon as we have clarity.

    Diana | The CardUp Team

    1. hey diana, cardup, so are you able to confirm if DBS n UOB are going to award bonus points for cardup txns again? tks!!

  5. Hello! Does anyone know if I’ll get miles for paying for university school fees using Prvimiles? If I can’t.. I’ll definitely be looking to sign up on CardUp.


    1. Oh, that’s bad! Am going to pay my insurance using cardup with PPV, now have to re-consider. Any other cards I can use with Cardup that get 4mpd?

      1. Hi Rio, RichardYeo, or anyone out there,

        are you both still not receiving your bonus points for UOB Preferred Platinum Visa? anyone able to confirm if UOB has reinstated bonus points for CardUp?

        1. Last month i dont receive missing bonus point from UOB, cardup give some compensation of release processing fee They assure that UOB will still give 4 miles/$ for cardup, maybe you can try and report it here ?

  6. hi guys I just signed up to pay my rent. seems pretty easy. My referral code is ETHANL39. Please feel free to refer! Thank you.

  7. hello! putting up my code here as well – JONATHANL82
    $20 off for first payment, as described above. cheers!

  8. Hi CardUp support,

    I really feel disappointed about your custom service. My rental payment was due on April 1st and you already charged from my credit card on March 24, however, the payment status is still “sending” now?! Because you don’t provide any phone contact (as bad experience to get on time customer support), I can only write email to you. After 3 days, no any response!? I guess you never check email during weekend although my payment is due last weekend. Where is my payment going now???

    1. Just got email of confirmed payment. Thanks for notice. However, I do hope you would provide phone contact for your customers.

  9. Hi guys, this online platform is pretty good. Just paid some rental payment and condo fees ! My referral code is

    EDGARA97 – Get $20 off for first payment up to $769 🙂

  10. Thanks all for the updates, I just tried DBS WWMC and will update next month for the bonus points.

    My referral code: LAPTAKL53 – $20 off first payment.

  11. Just confirmed UOB PP Platinum still earning 10x bonus points from CardUp. Tried on 19th April.

    HSBC Advance card, however, does NOT earn 10x bonus on CardUp(only 1 x bonus points). Painful lesson for me here, – paid the 2.6% for a terrible return rate on the bonus points. Heart pain.

    And by the way, since iPayMy used to give me 10x HSBC bonus points in 2016, I wrote iPayMy to ask if this card still gets 10x bonus points in 2017, given that there have been mixed reports here on Milelion’s comments section. They responded with, “Unfortunately, we are unable to provide much guidance regarding the specific point bonuses associated with any credit card. iPaymy is not affiliated with any of the card issuers and holds no influence over how point bonuses are awarded. If you have questions regarding the points you may earn from your credit card, we recommend you contact the card issuer directly.”

    iPayMay, your response is “so very helpful”.

    Let’s be honest here – your platform’s main value proposition is to create an opportunity for miles junkies like ourselves to acquire miles at a cheaper rate – this level of uncertainty on which card earns points is not at all helping the business proposition. Both iPayMy and CardUp need to step up on their game here in working with the banks.

    On a related note, anybody tried using Citi Rewards yet on iPayMy or CardUp recently? 10x points rewarded?

    1. thanks for updating us on this! sorry about the hsbc thing, that must really have been painful. that’s why i don’t like saying XYZ card definitely gives 10x on this, at best i’ll say “when i tried xyz card on (DATE) i got 10x” because these things can always be changed without notice. agree with you that the platform’s usp is to create more opportunities for 10x so it behooves them to work things out with the banks.

    2. I also got the same response from ipaymy which cause me to rethink should i use ipaymy or just goto try cardup instead.

      1. Well, my experience with CardUp was a bumpy one as well. Given that HSBC Advance used to award 10x points to CardUp (and iPayMy) in 2016, but suddenly stopped doing so since Jan 2017 for CardUp (apparently some folks still managed to get for iPayMy if you do it with a OTP what not), I was particularly upset that CardUp didn’t make it more explicit on their website or somehow notify their customers who have been using HSBC advance that this big change has taken place. It then becomes a painful (and scary) process for all customers month after month. I welcome these platforms but in order for these two companies to be viable in the long run, they need to much more proactive than they are now to make this a less stressful process for their customers.

  12. Hi all,

    New here and on the fence whether to use CardUp. Can anyone pls kindly share which CC can earn 4 mp$ as at May 2017?

    Do DBS WWC and UOB PP still work?


    1. This stumped me too but the referral code is part of the payment flow, not registration. Make a payment and its on the same page as where you input your credit card (from memory).

  13. UOB PPV has new T&Cs listed effective 1 July 2017, and maybe this means that cardup no longer works with UOB PPV?

    Just made one payment using cardup via PPV, shall see if there is 10x.

        1. Good spot. Now it is less likely that Cardup will be accepted. Oh well…

          On another point, why can’t UOB ever do a helpful set of T&Cs? I count over 50 MCCs listed, but only told the rather vague department stores, retail stores, supermarkets, dining, food delivery, entertainment and ticketing.

          Can CardUp give more clarity as to what MCC it falls under?

              1. If you had used CU previously, just call your credit card CSO to ask about the MCC for that transaction. It’s 4816. Their competitor uses 7372 which is not on the list.

                1. Is it seems not possible to ask MCC before transaction. Ask OCBC before what is MCC for Mustafa store and they play safe by saying cant say until transaction is posted

                2. I called UOB and they told me the mcc for my last cardup transaction was 7372……

                  I don’t know what to believe now.

      1. It’s not an assumption it’s a suspicion with the use of a “maybe”? Will be good if we get testers post July.

        Previously, the terms and conditions were vague (i.e. the online spending clause was not spelt out with MCC), but with this new revision where they explicitly have inclusions, that makes you wonder.

        That said I’m making my 2nd and 3rd payment via cardup.

  14. Has anyone tested if the new sign up promotion is still valid? I don’t see an end date on the T&Cs, though aaron mentioned that it ends 31 May.

  15. DBS Women’s Card new TnC…

    5. DBS Points shall not be awarded for the following:
    j) Payments made via CardUp and iPaymy

  16. I’ve been using cardup since I discovered it in March this year. So far no problems and payments are all on time plus I do get the necessary points on my UOB card. Those who have yet to try, go for it if you really need to clock some miles with big items. Can also use my referal code for your first payment. ETHANL39

  17. I’ve just made a payment for my insurance premium using CardUp two days ago using my UOB PPV, and got my 10x UNI$ or 4mpd today.

    Referral code: CHUNKIATL59

    1. Hi CK,

      Tried using your code as an existing user. This is my 2nd payment, regretted didn’t see this site to get referral code when I made my first payment.

      At the Dashboard, it shows the $20 off CardUp fees. Hopefully, when they eventually charged to my card, it will also be $20 off CardUp fees. *Fingers-crossed.

      Do let me know if you have $20 CardUp credit in your account.

      Kind souls (existing/new) may use my referral code: XIANHONGK79.

      I hope this works for existing users too. CardUp needs to reward existing users.

      1. Hi XH,

        Yes I do see your name popping up as one of my referrals. However, there is no credit yet.

        The good thing is – there is someone who used my referral code and he signed up for CardUp nearly four months earlier than you and I just got my $20 credit from him.

        Did you get the $20 discount off the processing fee?

    1. Just for sharing about the referral. You will only get the $20 referral credit when the referred makes his/her first payment and completes the transaction. So it could be quite a while before you see the credit in your account. My code for sharing PETERL35.

  18. Can anyone comment on the mcc of card up? The last time I asked them the cso said my card up transaction’s mcc code was 7372…

    Altho I still get the 4x. Asking cos the new terms come into effect July.

  19. Hi all, new here. Please support me, my code is JASLYNL11. This is quite a good platform with the welcome promotion.

  20. Use of the Invite Promo Code is limited to the first 10 Referees per Referrer who successfully apply the promo code. Once this number of redemptions is exceeded, any new Referees who try to use the promo code will be informed it is no longer valid.

    My referrer code: ENGHUAT18

      1. No problem bro! This is paying forward and now I’ve got referral credit too. Thanks to those who used my code. I like this scheme since everyone is entitled to a max of 10 referrals 🙂

  21. Any idea when my UOB Preferred Visa will be charged if I schedule an income tax payment via cardup today? Trying to squeeze in one last 4miles/$ transaction…

      1. Normally Cardup will charge you 5 days before you payment date, so it will charge your cc today or tomorrow for payment that need to be paid in 5 days time, though i am not sure is it the same way for weekend, if yes, then you can still make payment within today or tomorrow.

    1. i think it might be too late. I paid my latest NUSS bill on 27th june, on 30th june got a note saying it had been charged.

  22. Hi there, remember that until end of the month (31st July), you get double miles on your Altitude as from 2,500 SGD…. time to pay IRAS 😉
    Here’s my promo code: THIENDUCP28

  23. and with the UOB closing door on PPV, it might be going down the mysterious application path of PPA as it seems demarketed at branches

    thankfully made my last PPV payment with cardup, before T&C kicked in and points safely awarded alr.

    Enjoy $20 off your first payment with my referral code, I benefited from other’s referral code and so can you (:

    CardUp Referral Promo Code: SMITHC23

    1. Jerry, what works as of July 17?

      With the demise of UOB PPV and DBS cards (all cards), I’m planning to go with Bank of China Family for a nett return of 3% cashback, max of $2,000 per month payment. Planning to pay $1,500 per month for BOC SmartSaver card spend until the promo ends in Oct 2017.

      I would prefer a miles alternative so if anyone has an idea, do let me know!

      My promo code is PETERL40 if anyone needs a code to use!

  24. thanks for the code, I had to try a few before it worked, strange.
    I just paid my IRAS bill so its helpful!

    Sharing my CardUp Promo / voucher code: AURELIENH24
    20$ off fee for you first payment.


  25. Thanks guys, tried to use Aaron’s code but obviously he has hit the 10 referral limit long ago!

    My code if anyone needs it:



  26. Thanks Aaron for the great sharing!

    To others out ther, I’ve just created mine recently, feel free to use my referral code:

    Cheers! 🙂

  27. Thanks Aaron for the great sharing!

    To others out there, I’ve just created mine recently, feel free to use my referral code:

    Cheers! 🙂

  28. It doesn’t look like we’ll run out of promo codes anytime soon but, hey, here’s another one to throw into the mix 😉


  29. For those who are sending their toddlers to childcare centres, particularly those which are privately run, CardUp is the ideal platform to pay the school fees and at the same time earn miles on their CC!

    Referral code: CHUNKIATL59

  30. Used Cardup to pay for insurance and income tax, earning some miles along the way 😉

    Use my promo code DESMONDZHENYUK96 for $20 off first payment! (I get $20 off too, thanks!)

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