The Milelion is undergoing some enhancements

The Milelion is undergoing a makeover. Find out more about what to expect here.

Hah, scared you with the “E” word didn’t I.

Last week I put out a call for suggestions on how you’d improve The Milelion. There were many great suggestions (apart from the one on the bikini pics gallery. Seriously guys, such content would need a paywall and you know it) and I’d like to thank you all for your detailed feedback.

I’m pleased to announce that in early October you can look forward to a new and improved Milelion with a faster design that will enhance your browsing experience with improved readability, new features, better organization and other often requested features. Some feature requests have already been addressed on this version of the site, such as an improved comments system plus timestamps for articles.

I’m in the process of working behind the scenes to make this happen, and one important to-do is tidying up existing content on the site. I started by cleaning up the Trip Reports section of the site, retagging and regrouping posts and adding a proper index. Of course when the new site comes online this section will also have a makeover, but in the meantime feel free to catch up on reviews of hotels and airline products you might have missed!

Check out the new and improved Trip Reports section here!


New Trip Reports Section

If you have other suggestions of things/features you’d like to see added to the site, it’s not too late to sound out!

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Ever though of providing an affordable consulting service. Eg. if I have plans to bring my wife and kid to USA in six months time, how can I use my miles smartly to fly business. What must I do in the meantime. Which method should I use to accumulate points and then which airline to use these points (if SQ is not the only airline I care etc). Ha.

Hey Aaron, I could help you out with this! Long time reader/comment-er/fan here, I basically do what Patrick is asking for my friends and family, and could easily help you run such a consulting service on the side and under the auspices of The MileLion. Hit me up if you’re keen, or we could just grab a drink and share dream mile-saving stopover redemption opportunities haha

Milelion is undergoing enhancements?

what are you extending or expanding? silicon involved?

Is there an anniversary or event I’m not aware of? Maybe a miles promotion c/o Aaron?

… One can hope.