Mileslife Black Friday Sale: 4X miles on everything

One day only.

To mark Black Friday, Mileslife is offering 4X miles on all Mileslife transactions made on 24 November. That covers everything- dining, spa, hotels, recreational activities, you name it. For example, if a restaurant normally awards 3 miles per $1, it will receive 12 miles under this promotion.

Depending on what you have in mind, this could be a fantastic chance to max out the points on a few hotel bookings.

A reminder that Mileslife has changed its MCC so it now codes as a local transaction. I have yet to confirm the exact MCC but if anyone has charged a Mileslife transaction recently please chime in and let us know. In an ideal scenario, this would qualify for 10X with a card like the UOB PPV, but until such time as the MCC is confirmed I’d play it safe and go with a general spending card.

If you’ve not yet signed up for Mileslife you can do so with the code MILELION and get 1,000 miles with your first purchase of $49 or more (or simply click on any of the links here).


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i’m waiting for the day redmart joins mileslife …

How about DBS women’s card for milelife transactions.

I recently tried with PPV, but did not receive 10X

I had a transaction on 17 Nov and the MCC 7278 was provided by UOB CSO for this transaction. Not sure if I should try to with UOB PPV yet

7278 appears to be one of the accepted MCC in the PPV terms and conditions. Might have to haggle with UOB to get the bonus miles credited.

I just tried again on 24 November and can confirm that PPV is now earning 10x.


I also made a transaction on 27 Nov and I have received confirmation that its 10x as well.

Hi everyone! Our MCC is 7278 currently.

How can we find out what MCC code a merchant is on?