Confirmed: Mileslife now earns 10X with UOB Preferred Platinum Visa

10X earning finally comes to Mileslife.

When Mileslife first launched in Singapore back in June, the number one question on many people’s minds was: will it earn 10X? After all, if you already held a UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX card, then 4 mpd was the threshold that your combined credit card + Mileslife awarded miles had to cross in order to entice you to make the switch.

Mileslife did not earn 10X initially, and in fact within a month of launching DBS updated the T&C of its Woman’s Card to explicitly exclude Mileslife from earning 10X (something that totally didn’t make sense to me, given that Mileslife was facilitating discretionary spend, unlike a Cardup or iPayMy).

The Mileslife team has been working on getting its MCC changed and I’m pleased to report that Mileslife transactions now earn 10X points (or 4 mpd) with the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa.

Mileslife’s MCC is now 7278, which falls under the entertainment and ticketing category of transactions that enjoy 10X points on the UOB PPV. 7278, for those of you who are curious, is for “buying/shopping services”, so this is similar to a Groupon type dealie.

Remember that 10X points earning on the UOB PPV is capped at $1,000 per calendar month, after which you earn 1X points (0.4 mpd).

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Man, we work hard!

Well done!

Great work

Now we can only hope that UOB doesn’t decide to be a spoilsport!

Depends on whether code 7278 has a lot of merchants under them. If not a lot, then simply exclude the code.

Otherwise add in the usual exclusion clause, e.g. 7278 except for 🙂

Noobie qn, how do we find out the MCC of the transaction? It does not seem to be stated on the CC transactions.

Write in / call – I got one by sending a secured message via ibanking.

just curious whether uob ppv could earn 10x for cardup / ipaymy txn too?

no longer

Does UOB Visa Signature enjoy 10X uni$ too?