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Qatar Airways sending their QSuites to Seoul. Here’s how you can experience it

Experience QSuites (a little closer to home) with a little positioning.

As I sipped my daily cup of joe, I came across an article on OMAAT that Qatar would be sending their QSuites equipped Boeing 777-300ER to Seoul. Their launch destination was of course to London (with the aptly plane registration A7-BED), followed by Paris, New York and Washington Dulles in recent times.

For the uninitiated, QSuites is Qatar’s new Business class product on their B777-300ER which features fully enclosed “suites”. Qatar’s CEO has branded it as a “Class of its own”, to which I fully agree as hey, fully enclosed suites in Business Class? Sounds good to me. Also, they were well, the first to announce a double bed in Business Class?

The journey from Incheon to Doha would be around 10 hours westbound (due to wind probably). Giving you ample time to enjoy the cocoon of the QSuites.

Image Credits : One Mile At A Time
Image Credits : One Mile At A Time

How to Redeem?

Currently, if you want to experience the QSuites, capacity from Doha to London, Paris as well as to the American destinations are bound to turn up very little seats. As per Lucky, Seoul to Doha is your best bet. However, note that the mileage requirement for this would be rather high as you first got to position yourself to Seoul.

First off, we in Singapore don’t have a huge stash of AA Miles (unless you buy them), so redeeming this with Asia Miles(AM) would be our best bet. Using KVS tool, the earliest date I could find currently with J class availability on AM is on 1st Feb 2018. To make the journey more realistic, I have added a sector to London as well. This comes out to a cost of 70,000 Asia Miles and HKD 3,840 in taxes (quite a lot of taxes). Note that only QR859 is the flight with QSuites.

If I were you, I’d hunt around for QR flights onward to your connecting destination from Doha as firstly, if you fly on non-QR flights, you would not have access to their Al Mourjan lounge and instead would be directed to their “Business Class Lounge”. Which is worlds apart in terms of the amenities offered in the lounge. Secondly, I doubt you’d be happy flying in BA’s 777 for the 7 hour trek to London.

After including a positioning flight to Seoul (assuming you would be redeeming miles as well), the total cost would be approximately 115,000 Asia Miles and close to S$600 in taxes one-way. Not a small sum.  (Alternatively you could redeem SQ to Seoul too at a cost of 43,000 KF miles one-way in J)

Alternatively, you could always suffer in the cramped confines of Scoot for the 7 hour trek to Seoul and save the miles for your return flight to Singapore from your holiday destination of choice.


If you’re willing to position yourself to Seoul to experience Qatar’s QSuites, which have gotten highly raved reviews from our American counterparts, as well as from Aaron for their excellent onboard service. I recommend that you book this sooner rather than later as well, our American mile chasing counterparts would book this route faster than you can say “MileLion is the best”.

If you do manage to snag a seat, give us a shout out on our community pages and get your review featured


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Is Seoul-Singapore through Doha possible?

Is HKG-ICN-DOH possible (with HKG-ICN on CX then connecting to QR)? Would originating in HKG mean lower surcharges?