Singapore Airlines reverses plans to impose credit card surcharge

No credit card surcharge. For now.

The fun thing about traveling and being 8 hours removed from Singapore is that waking up and checking your phone is kind of like opening your Christmas presents. You either get coal in your stocking (e.g 100 messages telling you that the site is down) or a somewhat pleasant surprise, like this:

Thankfully, common sense has prevailed at SQ and the airline will no longer be imposing the proposed 1.3% credit card surcharge on economy lite fares. Here’s a circular that was sent to SIA’s business partners:

Credit: Channelnewsasia

And confirmation on the SQ website:

No explanation for the change of heart was given, but it’s safe to say they probably got some rather pointed comments from their customers in the wake of the announcement. I’m surprised by the U-turn but happy nonetheless. As I mentioned in my earlier post, adding a credit card surcharge was the wrong thing to do, and I’m glad that SQ has seen the light (albeit belatedly) on this.

The question for me now is whether the idea has been tossed or merely shelved. Only one way to find out I guess. And perhaps now I can finally start writing my trip report…

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they reversed their decision after reading logic on the milelion!

Did they not anticipate this to be a PR disaster?

It’s so easy to see all the backlash from a mile away… though in all fairness, retrospectively of course.

Not when they had their heads stuck so far up their asses

milelion single handedly made a small dent in SQs revenue. Respect!

Caannn u smell what the milelion is cooking! *mic drop

“Lead balloon” springs to mind. May be the manager responsible for this took a taxi and had a eureka moment when stung with a surcharge on his/her fare.

Price hike of 1.3% incoming

Maybe also because I offered to pay for my flights in $1 coins.

Well, now, they will just automatically raise their Economy Lite fares by 1.3% instead, which they can easily do and should have done in the first place – if making this extra cash is their unflinching objective – to avoid this mini PR disaster.

Looks like this approach workscomment image

Which consulting firm are they firing? 😀

They should hire Aaron as their ad-hoc consultant. The fees he gets can go to charity. Or a miles raffle for his avid fans. Hmm…. or a pick up line, hi beautiful…I’m loaded with miles.

It’s a good thing reason prevailed. It never did make sense for an airline such as theirs.