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AMEX-Shopback $50 sign up promo is back

Back in December last year, AMEX and Shopback held a joint promotion that offered a $50 cashback and a $50 welcome voucher with Fairprice/Tangs/Starbucks/Tung Lok when you signed up for selected AMEX cards via Shopback’s website. If you’re new to Shopback, signing up via this link gives you a bonus $5 credit in your account (I earn a referral bonus too)

Well, if you missed out on that one there’s another promotion ongoing from now till 31 May that gives you a $50 cashback plus a chance to win a pair of business class tickets to somewhere or other.

This time round there are only two cards eligible for the promotion versus four the last time round.

Regular readers will know that I’m no big fan of either one, but it says in the T&C that a ShopBack Member can apply for multiple cards and $50 Cashback will be given for each successful card application so why not. Both cards have the first year annual fee waived.

If you have not already signed up for the Krisflyer AMEX in the past, you’re welcome to do so, spend $1 and get the 5,000 first spend activation miles and subsequently chuck it. I know there’s this ongoing promotion where you get 5,000 bonus miles when you spend $2.5K in the first 3 months upon approval, but there are much better sign up bonuses out there to put that spending on.

When you’re done applying, you need to send in your application reference number to Shopback, so don’t forget that step.

Your $50 cashback should be redeemable within 60 days.

I took part in this promotion the last time round and signed up for an AMEX Platinum card, which still sits in my drawer unactivated. The $50 cashback came through just fine, however.

Thanks to NBsjcs for the heads up on the comments.

Shopback-AMEX free money offer, $50+$50 up for grabs

Christmas comes early-ish as Shopback and AMEX have teamed up to offer $50 cashback and a $50 welcome voucher for any shopback user (sign up using my link and I get $5, you get $10 with first purchase) who successfully signs up for one of the following 4 cards

Once you’ve done your sign up and got your application reference number, send an email to [email protected] with your ShopBack email address and application reference number.

That’s it. You will get $50 credited to your ShopBack account within 60 days. No matter how many AMEX cards you sign up for, you will only get 1x $50 credit and 1x $50 voucher (Fairprice, Starbucks, Tangs, Tung Lok). Read the full T&C here.

All the cards come with the first year annual fee free, so you really have nothing to lose by signing up. I got the AMEX Platinum Card but don’t intend to put a single cent on it (unless, perhaps, I find a way to make the 50% off F&B program work for me).

This promotion was live, then taken down, and now it’s live again. ShopBack reserves the right to pull it at any time, so please chiong. You have 3 days left to do this.

Thanks to Darius for alerting me to this.

ICBC has $200 of free money up for grabs…

I wrote about the Standard Chartered free $188 promotion that you can leverage when you sign up for a Bonus$aver account and plonk $50,000 in.

If you don’t have $50,000 lying around, there are other free money opportunities for you still. Dave on the comments informed me that there was another free money opportunity with ICBC until 30th September.

You can earn up to $200 by

  1. Applying for both the ICBC Visa & ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Cards
  2. Activating the cards to get$50 for each activated principal card, and $25 for each activated supplementary card (up to a max of 2 cards per 1 principal card)

In other words…

ICBC says they need up to 4 weeks to process applications, and for you to get the cashback you must activate your card before 30 Sept, so you might want to jump on this asap if you intend to take part.

The full T&C can be found here and FAQ here. You have 1 year to utilize the cashback. Apart from the cashback, is there anything good about this card?

Well, there is no annual fee on either card for 3 years. The ICBC Visa Dual Currency card has no conversion fee for transactions in USD. You can even settle your bill directly in USD if you’re in Singapore (I believe that means going down to a branch and physically paying in USD, the thought of which amuses me somehow).

The ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency card is a RMB/SGD which does not charge you forex fees when you transact in RMB. You can similarly settle your bill physically in RMB. UnionPay is also the most widely accepted card in China. As amazing as it sounds, I’ve been to restaurants in Shanghai that didn’t accept Mastercard or Visa.

Both cards earn you 3 rewards points per S$1 spent. It appears, oddly enough, that there is only 1 item to redeem in the entire ICBC Rewards Catalogue. Surely that can’t be?

You can also get a free economy class ticket with every Air China or China Southern Airlines business class ticket purchased, and enjoy complimentary lounge access to ICBC airport lounges in China when departing for domestic flights. A list of airport lounges can be found here (in Chinese).

In any case I wouldn’t get too fussed about the ancillary benefits given my goal is to just get $200 free cash. The online application interface only seems to allow you to apply for 1 supplementary card though, so I’m assuming you need to apply for the second one manually. Even if I only got $100 out of this promotion though, I’d still consider it good value for 10 minutes of work.

Now that I think about it, you have $50-$100 on your Visa and $50-$100 on your UnionPay card. The Visa isn’t an issue, but you might be hard pressed to find where in Singapore you can use your UnionPay card. Here is a listing of merchants in Singapore that take UnionPay.

I’ve sent in my applications already, if you want to act on this you should do so soon.