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Remember that this guide only shows you the optimum card within a category. Depending on your overall strategy, it may make sense to stick to cards from only one bank as opposed to a best-of-breed strategy so as to avoid the problem of orphan points and multiple conversion fees. For example, if you spend minimally on dining out, it may make sense to use DBS cards for everything notwithstanding the fact that DBS has no specialized dining card. This also does not take into account occasional promotions that banks may run.


Buying air tickets online

Booking hotels online

  • Kaligo- 10 mpd for Citibank Premiermiles + DBS Altitude Visa + AMEX cards + UOB PRVI Miles
  • DBS Woman’s World Card- 4 mpd, limit $2K per month (only works if your reservation is fully prepaid online)
  • DBS Altitude Visa + AMEX- 3 mpd, limit $5K per month (only works if your reservation is fully prepaid online)


Anywhere that accepts Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/Android Pay

Anywhere with Paywave

*Note that you will not enjoy 4 mpd at places that issue UOB SMART$

Offline shopping for electronics

  • OCBC Titanium– 4 mpd, max $12K spending per card membership year

Offline shopping for bags, shoes and clothes

Overseas currency transactions


  • UOB PPV- 4 mpd (pay with Paywave, only for places that do earn SMART$, eg NTUC)
  • OCBC Titanium Rewards- 4 mpd (pay with mobile payments eg Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay until 31 Dec 2018)

Other online transactions

Note that the cards listed above have exclusion categories. You should refer to this spreadsheet to see if a particular merchant earns 10X points

General Spending

Note that you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to turn general spending into category spend, eg at merchants who accept Apple/Samsung/Android pay



  1. Hi Aaron, great site. I wanted to ask whether you know whether the DBS world woman’s card gives you the 4x mpd on international online spending? Because the card also gives 3x DBS points on overseas spend (6 miles per S$5 spend) and I wonder if this takes precedence when you buy off Amazon UK, US or use Uber overseas.

    It would make sense for the banks to give you less and only give the 4mpd rate on Singapore-denominated online spend. I only ask because I used it to buy on Amazon UK a few months ago and I don’t think the 4mpd rate was credited. Thanks!

    1. Hi Timmy, thanks for reading! You will get 10x points or 4mpd on international online spending, that takes precedence over the FCY. I have got it many times for Amazon, so you should call up DBS and check whether there is an error on their side. They can start an investigation.

  2. So weird that OCBC’s “top card” (the Voyage card) seems to pale in comparison to it’s poorer cousin (the Titanium card) Is there any particular reason for this? Or am I missing something here?

    1. you are confusing general spend vs category spend. the titanium rewards card will be useless for general spend at 0.4 mpd, the ocbc voyage would earn 1 mpd (which is still pretty crappy)

  3. Hey Aaron, any idea what is the cap on spending for the Citi Rewards card?

    Based on the Citibank website, it’s 120k points/year or $12k spend. However, I tried reading the T&Cs (https://www.citibank.com.sg/global_docs/pdf/rewards_2013.pdf) and it seems different. Pt 10 says there is a cap of 120k points/Citi Dollars Period, and pt 7 refers to “Citi Dollars Period” as 60 months. Does this mean a cap of 120k pts for every 60 months?

    I have a feeling i’m just confusing myself here, but want to make sure before i sign up for the card.

    Am comparing between this and OCBC Titanium – which would u recommend? Thanks!

    1. Had the exact same question – it seems to me that they’ve changed the T&Cs to have a cap of 120,000 bonus citi dollars per 5 year / 60 month period, which works out to be S$12k per 5 years which would be a very low cap.

  4. Hi Aaron, realized you didn’t include the 10 mpd for UOB PRVI miles visa on Kaligo.

    Also it can have some crazy ass promos, and get 50% bonus miles, so I hit 15 mpd instead. Pretty awesome considering its money you need to spend anyhow.

  5. Hey Aaron

    Amazing blog and thanks for the many tips.
    Just a quick question . I have school fees to pay (in gbp and can be paid through an online portal). Which would be the best credit card to use? Thanks in advance

  6. Hi, do you know what will be the best card to use for online payment to overseas travel agency, specifically in this case, Oku Japan for a self guided walking trip. Not quite hotel, and I dunno if it qualifies as online retail spend under dbs woman’s world. Thanks.

  7. Hi Aaron,
    Great site! I have since embark on “refreshing” my cards drawing from what i’ve learnt here.
    I have a question, I notice there doesnt seem to be a card thats useful when it comes to groceries (physically showing up at NTUC and paying with the card). Is there anything you would recommend considering thats a big bulk of my monthly expense.

  8. Hi Aaron,

    Great site! I am doing my reshuffle of cards based on your website and my lifestyle needs.

    One thought would be to perhaps better catergorise the sections more clearly as I nearly missed out on the Kaligo-UOB PRVI promotion as I didn’t know about the specific portal cause I didn’t read the T&C (oops!) and am too reliant on you.

    Booking hotels online
    Kaligo- 10 mpd for Citibank Premiermiles + DBS Altitude Visa + AMEX cards + UOB PRVI Miles

    Booking Hotels Online
    UOB PRVI – https://www.kaligo.com/prvimiles (10mpd)
    Citibank – https://www.kaligo.com/bonus-miles (10mpd)
    DBS – https://www.kaligo.com/altitude (10mpd)

  9. Hi Aaron,
    Came to know about your site from a friend and it all looks really interesting. I use an Amex krisflyer PPScard and DBS platinum visa paywave n debit card. so all the spending I do gets me krisflyer miles. Not sure about the conversions though. mostly all my accounts are with DBS, be it savings, car loans, mortgage etc. just for the sheer of convenience of having it all at one place.
    I want to follow your advice what would be your suggetion the credit cards I should switch to.

  10. Hey Aaron,

    What’s your take on the bank’s intransparent calculation of reward miles? How can we deal with it?

    There is no per item reward balance change, only a statement at the end of the month. Sometimes I found big discrepancy (30%) compared to my estimation even with a very simple construct such as local vs overseas.

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