What card do I use for…

Remember that this guide only shows you the optimum card within a category. Depending on your overall strategy, it may make sense to stick to cards from only one bank as opposed to a best-of-breed strategy so as to avoid the problem of orphan points and multiple conversion fees. For example, if you spend minimally on dining out, it may make sense to use DBS cards for everything notwithstanding the fact that DBS has no specialized dining card. This also does not take into account occasional promotions that banks may run, eg Citibank’s 8 mpd offer with Amazon


Buying air tickets online

Booking hotels online

  • Kaligo- 10 mpd for Citibank Premiermiles + DBS Altitude Visa + AMEX cards
  • DBS Woman’s World Card- 4 mpd, limit $2K per month (only works if your reservation is fully prepaid online)
  • DBS Altitude Visa + AMEX- 3 mpd, limit $5K per month (only works if your reservation is fully prepaid online)


Anywhere that accepts Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/Android Pay

Anywhere with Paywave

*Note that you will not enjoy 4 mpd at places that issue UOB SMART$

Offline shopping for electronics

  • OCBC Titanium– 4 mpd, max $12K spending per card membership year

Offline shopping for bags, shoes and clothes

  • Citibank Rewards Visa or MC- 4 mpd, max $12K spending per calendar year
  • OCBC Titanium– 4 mpd, max $12K spending per card membership year

Overseas currency transactions


  • UOB PPV- 4 mpd (pay with Paywave, only for places that do earn SMART$, eg NTUC)
  • OCBC Titanium Rewards- 4 mpd (pay with mobile payments eg Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay until 30 Sept 2017)

Other online transactions

  • DBS Woman’s World Card- 4 mpd, limit $2K per month
  • Citibank Rewards Visa or MC- 4 mpd, max $12K spending per year
  • OCBC Titanium– 4 mpd, max $12K spending per card membership year
  • HSBC Revolution-2 mpd

Note that the cards listed above have exclusion categories. You should refer to this spreadsheet to see if a particular merchant earns 10X points

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  1. Expedia link for Citibank PM is down. I emailed Expedia and hope there will be a response. Otherwise 6miles/dollar is off for the card.

  2. Hey Aaron, I think the UOB Preferred Plat Amex is no longer available for subscription.

    Also, what are your recommends for general spending once the DBS Altitude Amex 1.8m/$ deal expires? (I’m just hitting the 6 months mark). UOB PRVI?

  3. Hi Aaron,

    Just wanted your thoughts on General Spending cards (for in person transactions).

    I’m past the 6 month mark on the DBS Alt Amex, so the promo rate is over. Do you think it’s worth moving over to UOB PRVI at 1.4 miles/$1, or the ANZ Travel at 1.4m/$1, or the Citibank Premier Miles Amex at 1.3m/$1 (though no block spend).

    Or, stick to the DBS Alt at 1.2m/$1 – I do like their website and customer service thus far, and I like not having to pay a miles redemption fee each time.

    1. I don’t think the ANZ Travel card is worth moving over to, simply because it’s just 1 card by itself. I think the UOB PRVI is where you want to go, because UOB pools its UNI$. Therefore, if you have the UOB Preferred Plat Amex (for dining), the UOB Visa Signature (for $2k of overseas spend per month) and the UOB PRVI Miles card (for everything else) you will be able to build a formidable miles balance quite quickly.

      Sticking to DBS Altitude has its own perks- the altitude visa has a 3 miles per $1 of overseas spend for oct nov dec, and as you pointed out you dont need to incur a fee each time you convert. However, it also depends on how many DBS cards you have- are you maxing out the DBS Woman’s card too? Do you have both the DBS altitude amex and visa? If that’s your strategy then pool everything in DBS.

  4. Hey Aaron, I appreciate your effort for coming up with this site. This is by far the best site for credit cards analysis in Singapore!

    Btw, I have a DBS Altitude Visa card and from your guide, it seems that the Amex version is alot better. What’s the difference between the 2? Should I call DBS to make the switch?

    What do you think of the American Express Iconic Green card? Its launched just 2 days ago!

    1. hey man thanks for reading! The info on this chart is a little bit outdated, I need to write a new one over the weekend.

      The DBS Altitude amex was better at the time i did this because they had the sign up 50% bonus miles for 6 months, meaning 1.8/3/4.5 miles per $1 of local/overseas/online hotel and flight spend respectively. That promotion is not available now, however they have another interesting one now. 3k bonus miles with $800 spend within 1 month of getting it + double miles on local and overseas spend for first 3 months, min $800 spend max $6,000 spend. definitely worth looking at. see the article here- http://milelion.com/2015/11/04/earn-double-miles-with-the-new-dbs-altitude-amex-sign-up-promo/

      EDIT: My point is i think the altitude amex is still better because they have this great sign up promo

      As for the Altitude visa, it’s good too in that you have wider acceptance, however the sign up bonus is only 5k miles with $800 spend within 30 days of approval. You will however earn 3 miles per $1 on max $3k overseas spend for oct, nov, dec 15.

      AMEX green card is a piece of shit, as are most AMEX issued AMEXes. There is absolutely no reason why you should get it (unless they have a roadshow where they waive the first year and give you a free gift, then by all means take the gift and never use the card)

      1. Your replies are always entertaining and hilarious! From how you write your articles, it seems that you are not collaborating with banks, and gives us very honest reviews!

        I got myself the Altitude Visa when there was a 12000 miles for $800 spent, so I think its not that bad. If I’m lazy to get soooo many cards for different spendings, would the Altitude be a desired card for all my spending to get miles?

        Also, can I clarify with you that the UOB privimiles card does not give miles for bill payments, insurance etc?

        1. that altitude visa spend $800 get 12k miles deal was amazing, almost as good as what those lucky guys in the US get with their bonuses. what i’d recommend in your case is that if you want to use the altitude as your general spend card, at least get the dbs woman’s card too for online spend. dbs pools all the points together so you can combine whatever you earn from diff dbs cards. and remember that DBS’ redemption model is pay 1 annual fee of 42.80 and redeem all you want.

          as per t&C of uob prvi miles cards you dont earn uni$ for insurance, however other bill payments are not mentioned explicitly…. i’ve never tried it before (http://www.uob.com.sg/assets/pdfs/cards/prvi-miles-amex-tncs.pdf) . have you seen this though- http://www.uob.com.sg/personal/cards/payment/bill_payment_service.html apparently with this you can earn miles

          1. Hi, I just realised that I use my uob prvi miles card to pay for my prudential insurance. So I will not get any miles, right? 🙁

            So which UOB card can I use? I have the preferred platinum visa and the delight visa.
            Else, can I use the DBS altitude visa?

  5. Hi Aaron! Just wanted to check, does the DBS woman’s world mastercard points expire in a year or will it be like DBS Altitude (miles never expires)? Thank you!

      1. Thanks for the reply! After converting DBS points to krisflyer miles, how long can I keep them for before they expire? 😐 Sorry am completely new to this but your blog has been really helpful (:

        1. yup 3 years. i wish SQ would follow a system like other airlines/hotels where your miles remain active so long as there is some activity in your account within the calendar year. but nonetheless 3 years is a long time and if within 3 years you cannot accumulate sufficient miles for a good redemption you might be more interested in cashback cards

      1. what is the best card for supermarket spend? e.g. fairprice, coldstorage, giant

        and if grocery shopping online at redmart or other online supermarkets, what is the best card?

        i think you should have a branch to display this in your update as it would be a large proportion of peoples expenses

        thank you!

        1. i think you can try purchasing on redmart via krisflyer spree, it’s 32 KF miles per US$10! i just tried the other day and waiting to see if it works though..

  6. Oh bro, I think you need a decision tree for overseas spend too if you this article was to be complete.

    This site is very good anyways. Thank you.

  7. where is the 2016 version? was told the best card for general spend now if amex is taken is the uob prvimiles amex, is that correct pls?

  8. When you navigate from:

    Credit cards > Milelions credit card-pocket guide > It still takes you to the 2015 page. I noticed you have a 2016 version.

    1. hmmm . it’s bringing me to the right place. sorry to bother you but can you copy and paste the url where you’re seeing this? and thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. this site gets larger every day.

      1. its ok now. your site is very good.

        is there a particular card to use for supermarket spend at cold storage/sheng siong/giant and fairprice?

        1. not particularly, because even though they use paywave they’re also smart$ merchants meaning your uob pref plat visa will not earn 10x there.

  9. Hey,

    Apple Pay is now in singapore. Accordingly, you still get your miles as per normal. Question is, if use Apple Pay, say for the UOB PP Visa do we still get 4miles/dollar?

  10. why would you do that? Just use paywave for 10 times points why do one more step and tag it to apply pay before tapping?

    1. I’d be happy to leave my PPV at home for online shopping and use my phone for contactless payments. One less card to carry (and lose).

  11. Hey all i was thinking of getting a Visa Signature card to accumulate overseas general spend of 4miles/$1 , however i noticed that there is a maximum cap of $2000 per statement. Does anyone know if this is on a per card basis or on a per full statement basis?

    I was thinking i can use the UOB PP Amex for overseas Dining Spend to free up more spending dollars for general spending on the Signature. However if everything is “bao” together (even with my local spending) into one statement, then it would be kinda moot point.

  12. Hi Aaron,

    Any card to best maximise taobao spending? if done by ezybuy?
    I buy quite a lot of stuff there (about $1k on average), so would like to best maximise points. Ezbuy charges a 3% additional charge for using a CC.

    Also, which is the best card to use for Caltex and Insurance payments?

  13. Hi Aaron,

    You have such a great site! on top of my previous question

    A quick question on maximising a $5,500 purchase for a Wedding Ring, Vendor allows multiple cards:

    Here’s my following strategy after doing some research on your site:

    – Amex Rewards: $1,500 (receive 13,356 Miles w/ $20 charge)

    – Amex Krisflyer: $700 (8,000 Krisflyer Miles)

    – DBS Altitude Visa: $1,000 ($1,000 for first 2 months to qualify for the $8,000 bonus miles, my question is how does DBS count the first 1 month, would it from the date of issue? Also, have you had any experience asking DBS to allow spending $2,000 in the first 1 month to enjoy the bonus?)

    – DBS Altitude Amex: $800 (to qualify for the 3,000 bonus miles), Double Miles (2.4 Miles / $1) after, but this strategy must have a min spend of $800 a month for the next 2 months

    -DBS Women’s: $700 (current promo: spend $700 for 1st 2 months to receive $80 cashback)

    Total amount with the card strategy: $1,500 + $700 + $1,000 + $800 + $700 = $4,700.

    I would still have $800 dollars remaining, probably to charge the remaining into the Altitude Amex.

    What do you think? Appreciate your help!

  14. Hi Aaron, there are a few stock trading platforms that allow trades to be made with credit cards. The catch is that Visa/Mastercard charges 2.2% per transaction. Any idea which categories do stock trades fall under? E.g. online transaction, bill payment, etc. And which would be the best card for making these trades?

    Thanks! You’re doing an excellent job.

  15. Hi,
    Any idea which card is good for
    1) iTunes (not the iTunes card but the App Store or purchases in games
    2) drinks at pubs

  16. Hi all! Does anyone know what’s the best way to accumulate miles for spending at stores like Courts , Harvey Norman , Challenger etc? (you know lah buying washing machine , laptop etc) One way i thought would be good would be to use their website with DBS Women’s card to get 10x.

    However as there’s a limit capped for that, does anyone have any ideas for over the counter transactions?

    1. For Harvey Norman, the Amex Platinum series of cards gives 10x (about 3.7 miles or so per dollar, slightly less than 4) which isn’t too bad, I think?

  17. Hello Aaron… you have done a brilliant job of collating the information and sharing it with us. Where have you been all my life? I only discovered you from reading about your website from the Straits Times and what a gem you are.

    May I ask what constitutes as Online Dining?


    1. thanks meng! glad to know you find it useful. by online dining i mean deliveroo/uber eats, or foodpanda or any other online delivery service.

      1. Hello Peter…

        I am still trying to digest the information and knowing which card to use. I have been using my UOB Privi Miles Amex for ALL my expenses (except for dining where I would use UOB PP Amex) and if Amex is not accepted, I would then use my UOB Infinite Visa.

        Would you by any chance know which card to use at medical clinics?

  18. I see… noted with thanks.

    I just applied for the Citibank Rewards Visa and DBS Altitude Visa to complement my UOB Infinite Visa, UOB PriviMiles Amex, UOB PP Amex and UOB Lady Solitaire.

    I realised I ‘lost’ so many points for using the wrong credit card. I am a newbie to this and learning along the way. Better late than never.

    By the way, DBS Altitude Visa charges an annual fee to participate in the KF programme. I hope there is no further charges when conversion takes place.

  19. Hi Aaron, awesome advice.

    I’m a bit of a party animal and i do a lot of spends in clubs and nightclubs. Do those fall under the “dining” category too? I’m on the DBS Altitude Visa right now but if those spends are categorised under dinning, i’ll hope over to the UOB PP Visa post haste.



  20. Hi,

    I wanted to foot my bill to travelling package which signed up from Royal Carribean Cruise and I’m quite puzzled which CC should I use to maximise the reward in Miles. The payment will be done by using CC via phone calling. I think is offline payment done manually by the travel agent. Can you please advise me which CC to be used? Thank you

    1. if it’s offline then this would just be your usual general spending. any priv miles/altitude will be more or less the same.

  21. Hi all! Just wanna sound out, has anyone have had experience maximising miles on furniture purchases from Ikea? I don’t believe they fall under the department stall category so the OCBC Titanium may not apply and they don’t allow online purchases either so don’t think the DBS WW will be help either.

    1. If you can install SamsungPay on your Samsung phone, can link OCBC Titanium to the Samsung Pay app, then buy the furniture using Samsung Pay X OCBC Titanium card for 4 miles per $.

  22. Hi,

    I got the uob prvi Amex and its the only card I have since I just moved here. For some reason, dbs won’t issue me a card (and not provide a reason either) despite me making over 200k a year.

    The Amex is pretty useless since most places (online/offline) don’t accept Amex. If I get the uob prvi mc/visa and cancel the Amex, does that have any negative impact on my credit rating? I’ve had the card only two months or so.


    1. i think it’s more to do with the fact that you’ve just moved here rather than anything else. My first job out of college was in India and I worked there for 18 months. When I came back to SG, I couldn’t get any credit card until I could show them 3 months of payslips despite comfortably exceeding the minimum income requirement. In my case, UOB was actually stricter than DBS.

      regarding whether you can switch your amex to the mc/visa version of the card, is it possible to ask the bank to do an internal switch/ “upgrade” of the product? I may not understand how the back end system works, but if it’s just an internal transfer from one product to another then nothing is really “cancelled”. I could be completely wrong, of course. Don’t worry so much about credit rating, what will hurt the rating a lot more is not paying off your bill in full. It’s true that the credit rating does worsen a bit when you close a card (because the average age of your credit facilities drops a bit) but again I wouldn’t worry so long as you pay off on time and in full. Since you’ve only had the card for 2 months I don’t think your credit age would be affected too much anyway.

      1. Thanks Aaron. I called UOB and they dont have any internal switching system. I’ve been told to pay off balance on Amex, apply for Visa/MC, and then cancel the Amex once its approved. They also confirmed that I can cancel without any charges.

        I’m just hoping DBS gives me a card soon enough.

        1. Try to switch your salary credit to DBS savings account. That and if you can produce your offer letter that states your fixed pay clearly should help. I got my DBS credit cards within first two months.

  23. Cards cannot be cancelled within 6 months usually. Why not wait till one year and see if you get a waiver?
    Btw, Amex have some good sign on bonuses. Get those bonuses and put them in the drawer.

  24. Hi Arron,

    Which card you use for telco,pub bills?
    Also is there any card that can benefit from insurance investement payment?

  25. Hi, I’m looking for a CC for dining. Currently can’t apply for UOB PP Amex (4 mpd). Therefore the next best choice is either Citibank Clear Platinum or HSBC Revolution, right?

  26. Aaron, DBS changed their miles redemption recently to a one-time fee of $25. In the points to miles conversion form, it looks like one can only indicate one credit card. Does this mean we can no longer pool DBS points together, and we would need to pay twice to convert the miles for DBS Women’s Master Card and DBS Altitude card.

    1. no. points for dbs are still pooled as per normal. you only need to indicate one credit card on your miles conversion form the first time round to associate that card to your krisflyer account. however, you will be transferring points from your central pool of dbs points (which comes from all the dbs cards you have)

      1. it seems that DBS has de-centralized their pooling of points. When i redeemed the rewards points yesterday i had to choose from which credit card to be deducted from, unlike in the past. Thats quite a downgrade…

        1. i don’t think they have. i saw the same thing you did when redeeming points a few days ago but i think it’s just a system thing that you have to specify an account. I had 2K points in one card and 4K in another and I could still redeem an item that cost 5K.

    1. uob ppa if you believe it can still be obtained. dbs black card unfortunately recently went cashback instead of points but offers 5% cashback for shopping.

  27. Hi, I got $5000 insurance premium to pay to great eastern by end March. Any idea how I can get maximum miles from it. Unfortunately, can only use AXS and I will max out my World Women’s Card (including my wife’s) via FEVO with other bills. Any suggestions appreciated.

  28. what’s the best card now to use to pay telco bills?
    been ploughing through you archives but still kinda confused and not sure which one to use
    thanks for your thoughts! 🙂

    1. If your telco is StarHub or SingTel, using Citibank rewards can get 10X points / 4 miles. I tried StarHub using web based payment and SingTel via its mybill app.

  29. signed up prvi mastercard because ANZ travel was nerfed.

    should i keep ANZ travel because renewal gets bonus mile?

    prvi mastercard is a good replacement for ANZ travel, even though no bonus mile on renewal?

  30. Hi aaron,

    Great job you’re doing here! I have an upcoming wedding + house renovation coming up at the end of the year. Total damage i expect will be >$100k (wedding banquet 80k, house furnishings 20-30k). Which card/s would you recommend i use to maximise this spending?

  31. Hi Aaron

    Thanks for compiling all the information for everyone; it’s been really useful. I do have one question that I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. Will one still get 4 miles for using UOB PP Visa paywave if payment is done via Apple Pay? Thanks!

  32. Took this from their T&C: 10X UNI$ on Contactless Transactions

    Cardmembers will earn 10X UNI$ for every S$5 spent via Visa payWave, UOB Mighty Pay, Apple Pay and other mobile payment
    services. Contactless and payWave transactions are transactions executed at point-of-sale devices, either by tapping or waving the
    payWave Card or mobile device against such reader.

    1. Will this work on like android pay for Grab or Uber payments though? (Online for transport doesnt seem to work as “online”)

      It says “executed at point-of-sale devices” here.

      That said, what’s the best way to pay for Grab/Uber? Aaron / anyone?

      1. Think I just read that for grab/uber.. you can use the DBSWWC. Read that it doesn’t work for Grabcar though? Or you have to use Android/Apple pay?

    2. Just to add on to Chelsea’s, the min spend requirement. Note that this is from the T&C for UOB Visa Signature

      To earn UNI$10 for every S$5 spent on Petrol Spend and/or Visa payWave transactions, Cardmember is subject to a combined minimum spend of S$1,000 in Singapore dollars, per statement period.

  33. Hi Aaron, thanks very much for your comprehensive guides, loving your site more and more!

    My condo maintenance fees can now be paid via AXS, with their Internet or mobile app, I can use credit card. Which card would you recommend to max out the miles on AXS Internet or mobile payment?

  34. Aaron you’ll be sad to hear. On Dining, I have succumbed to the dark side, after the death of advance. CIMB Visa Signature.- 10% cashback, and especially useful for overseas dining as there’s no FX fees (Saves another ~2% on FX bringing total returns to ~12%).

  35. Hey Aaron, this list is fantastic! Hope you get around to updating it sooner than we get that speedo pic 😉

    Btw, the DBS Treasures Amex also offers 2.4mpd on overseas spend, and the HSBC Revolution offers 2mpd for dining, entertainment and online spend as well!

  36. Thanks for this, Aaron. Fantastic overview.

    I would say overall that the OCBC Voyage card seems quite good if one dines out a lot in Singapore. For non-dining spend in Singapore, I use the UOB PRVI Miles card. Between these two, I think I am getting pretty decent MPD for all my spend. I do think the OCBC Voyage card is sometimes under-rated, and so appreciate this post v much.

    1. i agree that 2.3 mpd on dining is one of the stronger propositions on the market now (the other being 3.2 with maybank horizon), but the relatively weak 1 mpd on all other local spending should give you reason to pause. maybe if you dined out a lot i could see getting the voyage card, but the hefty annual fee and high income requirement would be a barrier to most people. plus, when mileslife expands and adds more merchants, the need for a specialized dining card will decline.

  37. @aaronwong
    Hmmm just thought that you should update the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card one. It works on SamsungPay too. Checked the terms.

    Hence, you can get 4 miles per dollar ANYWHERE that accepts SamsungPay. That works out to be almost every store in Singapore except the AXS machines to the best of my knowledge.

    Works for me. Sad part is, only 1K per month.

    1. Anywhere that accepts Samsung Pay would already have accepted visa paywave.. so that’s just moot?

      Only restriction are the smart merchants.

  38. From UOB site:

    Contactless transactions refers collectively to (i) any credit card transactions made via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and UOB Mighty Pay or such other mobile payment services as UOB may from time to time approve at its sole discretion; and (ii) Visa payWave Transactions. Contactless Transactions are transactions executed at point-of-sale devices, either by tapping or waving the Card or mobile device against such reader.

    It works for all non discretionary spending too. 😉

    1. This is interesting. I thought I’ve read some T&Cs where it states that Samsung Pay MST transactions are excluded. The way this term is written, I’m not sure if Samsung Pay MST transactions are considered, if it is, almost all card accepting Point of Sales merchants would be able to take Samsung Pay…..

    2. thanks! will update this. it’s true that this works for non-discretionary spend but it’s ultimately in support of something that is discretionary- using contactless transactions as opposed to chip-based ones (does that make sense?). So they’re offering the 10x to drive adoption of contactless in the hope that you’ll opt for it over other forms of payment.

  39. Guys – have u all used Paywave with this card overseas and was awarded 10X points?

    I am looking at this: http://www.uob.com.sg/personal/cards/credit/preferred_platinum_visa_card.html#10x-rewards

    10X for Contactless Transactions*

    Earn rewards faster with 10X UNI$^ (or 4 miles) when you tap and pay securely with your Visa payWave card or mobile device at more than 10,000 retail outlets in Singapore.

    However- when I read the full T&C it does not state that the contactless transaction has to be in Singapore..

    Quite confused… Hmm

    1. someone asked this before and the answer is yes, you earn 10X outside SG on contactless transactions too.

    1. Dude, for Grab or Uber payments which are essentially online payments, use the DBS Woman’s World Card. Don’t let the ‘Woman’ deter a dude from applying.

      1. one qualifier to this- they SHOULD be online payments, but occasionally some stories pop up on HWZ about people who didn’t get their 9X credited in the month after and needed to call and get it manually done. it seems to happen without any fixed pattern. apparently it has something to do with pre-approved recurring billing arrangements

        1. From what I’ve read, it seems that Grab is usually the culprit – Uber seems to be coding correctly for most.

          Re: Scrumple’s initial query about overseas transactions, the extra bonuses only kick in if it’s billed in foreign currency as well, so nope that’s just additional fees for us, unfortunately.

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