Get more out of Uber

The Idea

  • You can maximize your Uber trips by earning both airline miles and SPG points
  • Set your default payment method as your DBS Women’s World Card and you’ll get 4 miles per S$1 spent
  • Sign up for the Uber-SPG partnership to earn Starwood points on Uber rides
  • Use my Uber sign up link ( ) and your first ride is free (up to S$10)

  The Details


Uber is the best thing that ever happened to public transportation. Assuming no surge pricing, Uber is on par with regular taxis, if not slightly cheaper in my experience. Of course once surge pricing kicks in you’re probably better off trying to get a taxi, but surge pricing normally kicks in during period where taxis are also in short supply

Anyway, assuming your company allows Uber reimbursement, or if there’s no surge pricing and no taxis in sight, why not channel whatever you would have spent on taxis to Uber instead for a chance to earn some miles and points?

Your strategy for maximizing your Uber earnings-

Use your DBS Woman’s World Card for payment to get 4 miles / S$1


Your DBS Woman’s Card earns 4 miles per S$1 of online spending. Uber counts as online spending for this purpose. Remember that this is capped at the first S$2,000 per month, so if you’ve used your Woman’s World Card to buy air tickets or some other online big ticket item, you’ll need to adjust accordingly to a general spending card

Sign up for the Uber-SPG partnership and link your SPG account to your Uber account

The earning rate is 1 Starpoint for US$1 of spending, which to be honest is rather low. Still better than nothing though

This earning rate ramps up when you’re actually staying at a Starwood property, in which case you earn Starpoints according to your membership tier (eg a regular member would earn 2 Starpoints and a gold/platinum would earn 3 Starpoints). This applies to all Uber journeys taken during your stay, from the day you check in to the day you check out

There’s a cap on Starpoints earned up to US$10,000 spend on Uber per calendar year but it’s extremely unlikely you’ll hit that

I’ve got an Uber referral link here- sign up using this link and your first ride is free (up to S$10) – (I get S$10)

Now, if only Uber would start a loyalty program…

27 thoughts on “Get more out of Uber”

  1. With the recent change by Uber to charge from overseas, will DBS Altititute users be entitled to overseas spend and earn 2 miles per $?

  2. With the recent change by Uber to charge from overseas, will DBS Altititute users be entitled to overseas spend and earn 2 miles per $?

    1. DBS’s rules look at transaction currency, not where payment processor is located (That’s UOB). So uber rides in SG still count as local spend regardless. DBS has always given forex spend rates for overseas uber transactions

      1. Aaron, wanted to clarify the above. DBS rules do look at payment processor location and not txn curr. I had a SGD txn on “Expedia SG” but was still charged the 80bps Single Currency Fees on my DBS Altitude. Similarly for Uber. Also I have received the 2miles/$ on my Uber rides taken in SG so that confirms it. Have clarified with the DBS cust svc team on both recently.

        1. you get 2 miles per $1 on uber rides in SG with the dbs altitude? that’s really strange, because even if the payment processing is done overseas the transaction currency is SGD right? even if it’s been DCC-ed it would still be earning the 1.2 miles rate. am i understanding you right?

          1. Yes, Aaron you are right. My bad – DBS determines overseas spend based on transaction currency. So best card to use is still DBS WW for Uber / grab.

            Also, to highlight, I realized DBS Altitude modified their T&C’s a little. seems like they are rewarding in $5 blocks now instead of /$1.

      1. It does! Just received confirmation from DBS cards that bookings made via the grab app counts as online spending for the purpose of 10x point accumulation.

  3. Hi how do you sign up for SPG in the first place? I keep getting directed to the same sign up page where they ask me to choose my country (singapore is available), input my state (singapore is NOT available), and input my number together with area code (but +65 is not accepted). So does this mean i must have an overseas address and number before i can be a member? That doesnt quite make sense to me tho so I think i must be missing something if anyone can help. thanks

    1. no you dont need an overseas address or number. i dont know why that’s happening for you though. you want to email me at admin at with a screenshot?

      1. Thanks for the reply aaron. I’ve managed to sign up by providing a friend’s aussie address. But I’ll go in and repeat the process again to see if the problem persists and to grab a screenshot. Will send it over once I’m not on a public com. Thanks

  4. Hi, does anyone know if one would be awarded 4 miles per $1 for uber/grab payments using the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa?

  5. paying uber via this DBS Woman’s World Card will incur an additional 10% fees eh.. because the payments are processed in a foreign location

    1. i know there is a surcharge but i don’t think it’s 10%. i’ve since switched over to hsbc advance for my uber payments, no surcharge.

            1. Can I ask how you know that the min 600 spend works with AXS bill payments? You can’t have gotten the rebate yet since the promo just started this month.

  6. Hi Aaron,

    Could we use WWMC for paypal on uber? I would imagine you still get charged due to foreign payment processor but at least you it could help marginally on the minimum $5 blocks?

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