Support The Milelion. For free.

There are two ways to support The Milelion that don’t cost you a single cent.

The first is to simply add The Milelion to your adblocker’s whitelist. It takes two clicks. One on your adblocker’s logo, and two on “Don’t run on pages on this domain”. That’s it. We don’t do pop-ups, pop-unders or those incredibly annoying sign up for our mailing list lightboxes. Whoever does those needs to be violated by wildebeests in heat. Assuming they don’t already like that sort of thing.

The second is to apply for some credit cards using our affiliate links. Let me be very clear, the inclusion of a card on this list does not mean I approve of it. It just means that my affiliate network pays a certain amount of money every time someone signs up using one of my links. In fact, I don’t approve of most of the cards below because they’re simply poor value. I will note the exceptions where applicable.

So if you’re intending to apply and use these cards, stop, scroll back up, unblock the site on your Adblocker and leave this page. You’ve done your bit.

But if you’re intending to apply and sock drawer these cards, please continue. I’m only going to list cards that waive at least the first year’s annual fee, so this really costs you nothing at all.

Thank you for your support!