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Chicks were born to give you fever, be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade

I never actually owned a Fevo card, but for those who did, it was always a good way of ensuring you maxed out the 10X on your DBS Woman’s World card for the month.

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The plan was simple- you used your DBS Woman’s World card to add $2,000 to your Fevo card each month (well, technically $1,000 at a time, because that was the limit). That counted as an online transaction, earning you the equivalent of 8,000 miles. Then, you used that $2,000 for your day to day expenses, effectively turning regular spending into specialized spending. All it cost you was a nominal top up fee.

The DBS Woman’s card awards you 1X at the time the transaction posts, and the bonus 9X on the 16th of the next calendar month. Many people tended to forget this, though, so every now and then you’d get people on the comments section/HWZ forums saying “guys I think it’s dead, should I call and check” (said person would then be told off with harsh language).

Well, it now appears that the DBS Woman’s FEVO trick is dead, for real. Posters on HWZ are reporting that they did not get the bonus 9X for FEVO transactions done in April. Technically, those who topped up early April reported success, but those who did so in the later half of the month are reporting no dice.

I imagine people will still give this another try next month to see if this month was just a glitch of some sort, but I wouldn’t be too optimistic.

That said, I’d like to echo what laurent_rio says on HWZ-

And that’s as sound advice as I can give anyone playing the miles game.

Hack your way to 4 miles on everything

Edit (25/3/16): Imagine now dead. Oh well

Why do I need a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards were originally created for people who didn’t earn sufficient income to qualify for a credit card, but still wanted to make purchases online or overseas. You might think that this is of completely no interest to you- but read on, you’ll be surprised.

Remember our good friend the DBS Woman’s World Card (which, despite its name, is open to members of both sexes) and the 4 miles per $1 it gives on $2,000 of online spend each month?

dbs woman's card
DBS Woman’s World Card on the right- this one gives you 4 miles per $1 on online spend, but requires income of $80,000. The regular DBS Woman’s Card on the left only requires income of $30,000, but earns only 2 miles per $1 of online spend

As it turns out, reloading a prepaid card online DOES count as anĀ online transaction, which opens up some interesting possibilities…

EDIT: People have been asking whether or not UOB Pref Plat Visa will earn a bonus for topping up the Imagine/FEVO. Answer is no. See T&C in bold

* Online retail transactions are transactions for purchases of goods or services via the internet using the Card. Online merchants include merchants that fall within the categories of bookstores, cinemas, entertainment, electronics, fast food, music and retail shopping, but excludes all merchants that fall within the categories of airline, travel, transport,top-ups for any pre-paid card, government, utilities, telecommunications, brokerage/securities, insurance, education/tuition, online money transfers and online gambling websites and such other categories of online merchants as UOB may exclude from time to time.

AMEX Imagine

The AMEX Imagine card retails at $50, with a limited time promotion of $40 credit preloaded.


You make an initial load of maximum $100 and pay $3.50 for it to be shipped to your address. Subsequently though, you can top it up using your DBS Woman’s Card and earn 4X on that top up. You then slowly use the IMAGINE card to pay for your expenses that month.

So to illustrate- I top up $1,000 (the maximum balance at any time on the IMAGINE card is $1,000 ) to the IMAGINE Card, thereby earning 4,000 miles. I then use the card for whatever expenses arise- effectively earning 4 miles on spend which would not normally get any bonus. I then repeat this within the month to max out the $2,000 cap on 4 miles for the DBS Woman’s card.

There is normally a loading fee but it is waived if you load more than $50 at one go. Also, the IMAGINE card has an Ezlink function which means that you can carry it around without having to add another card to your wallet



For those of you who want the convenience of Mastercard, you can look at the FEVO card instead. However, you’ll pay a bit more for it. The card itself retails at $28, without any stored value (vs $10 for the IMAGINE AMEX, after you take the $40 credit into account)

The FEVO comes in a few different options- you can put your own image on it, you can get an NFC version or an EZ Link version if you want. If you’re ok with paying $28 upfront in exchange for wider acceptance, the FEVO card might be better for you.

EDIT: Fevo used to waive the 1% top up fee for loads of $50 or more but that no longer appears to be the case


There are some who will say I am doing the travel hacking community a disservice by writing about this so publicly, which will lead the banks to close this loophole. My stance is this: the banks aren’t stupid- there is no way they don’t already know about this. But since the maximum “damage” that can be done per month is $2,000, and if it gets them a good number of people signing up and using what would otherwise be a very niche card (you don’t see a lot of men with the DBS Woman’s Card), what do they care?

Remember, the banks earn every time you spend using their card- so go out there and make them happy!

cover photo by robert donnovan