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Update on US SIM card availability

Hello everyone!

Thanks to some intrepid travellers (who braved getting pulled aside for additional screening for carrying copious amounts of prepaid SIMs through security) we are now back in stock of US sim cards.

Please refer to the updated article here for more details, especially on the new Lyca Mobile SIMs. All SIM requests should go through the Google Forms link here.

Remember that you can get free UK sim cards here, and free French sim cards here.

For those of you who have reached out to me already, please resubmit your requests through the Google Forms link, it makes things so much neater for me. Many thanks!


Get a French sim card delivered to you in Singapore, for free

We needed sim cards for France, but from reading online it appeared that most outlets at the airport would charge you 5 euros just for a 0 balance sim card. Which is ridiculous.

Fortunately, I found Lebara, which offers a very reasonably package of 14.99 Euros for 10 hours of calling, 600 SMS and 1GB of internet. Calls to other Lebara numbers are free, and calls to Singapore are at a really cheap rate too.


On Lebara’s site you can click a link to get a free sim card. Now, by right Lebara only delivers its sim cards within France. But with the right tweak, you can get the system to send a card to you anywhere in the world.

Click on the “order a sim” link on the home page (the home page is available in English, just toggle the language bar on top)



You’ll be able to select your sim size here.

Now here’s the important part- you’ll need to enter a France ZIP code. Any ZIP code will do, I use 91300. The system will load an address. Select the address that loads and the fields will autopopulate.

Now manually edit the Street Name so that it reads YOUR ADDRESS, SINGAPORE XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is your postal code).

The address on the envelope will then be



FRANCE 91300

Because of this the package will take longer to reach you- it took 3 weeks in my experience because it needs to be re-directed from France. But hey, you’ll get a free sim card out of it. Just remember to give yourself ample time to get this done before you fly!

Remember- use your Paypal account + DBS Woman’s World Card to pay for your Lebara top up and get 4 miles per $1 spent.