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Shopback August travel deals- earn miles and cashback together

Shopback runs sales from time to time with upsized cashback on their regular merchants. If you’re planning to make any online travel bookings in the near future it’s always worth checking out if you can save a bit more money this way.

If you don’t have a Shopback account, you can sign up using this link to get $5 instantly, plus a bonus $5 cashback with your first purchase (I earn a referral bonus too).

Here are some ongoing travel-related deals:

  • AccorHotels–  10% cashback on hotel stays  (ends 28 Aug)
  • Zuji- 3% cashback on flights (ends 27 Aug)
  • Booking.com– 9% cashback on hotel stays (ends 25 Aug)
  • Hotels.com– 9% cashback on hotel stays (ends 21 Aug)
  • Etihad– 4% cashback on flights (ends 30 Sept)
  • iShopChangi– 9% cashback (ends 24 Aug)

Remember that using a cashback portal does not preclude you from earning miles on your credit cards.

I’d recommend you use your DBS Woman’s World card or DBS Altitude AMEX/Visa card when making hotel and travel bookings online to earn bonus miles (4 mpd with DBS Woman’s World and 3 mpd with DBS Altitude). But remember that if you’re only using your credit card to secure your booking, you won’t earn the online spending bonuses (because the amount is billed separately, after your stay, offline). If you’re buying a non refundable hotel reservation or air tickets online, you should get your bonus posted properly.

Also remember that booking through third party OTA sites will make you ineligible to earn points with hotel loyalty programs. However, if you aren’t loyal to a particular chain or are simply looking for the cheapest prices, this may work for you.

Krisflyer offering 50% off Silkair award tickets for limited time

Krisflyer has recently started offering a spate of discounted award redemptions for tickets on Singapore Airlines and Silk Air. Here are the ones we’ve had in recent memory

May 2015: 50% off SQ and MI economy awards
Feb 2016: 30% off SQ and MI economy awards
July 2016: 50% off MI economy awards
October 2016: 50% off MI economy awards
November 2016:  30% off SQ premium economy and economy awards 

Well, another promotion is back, this time for Silkair business and economy class saver awards.

Click here to see the full details.

You can get 50% off the miles required when you book from now till 11 July 2017, and travel between 1 July and 31 October 2017. There are 53 different Silkair destinations up for redemption this time round, including popular ones like Koh Samui.

Note that you will only enjoy the 50% if your award tickets before 11 July 2017. That is, if you remain on the waitlist as of 11 July 2017 and your waitlist subsequently clears, you will pay the regular price, notwithstanding the fact that you got on the waitlist before 11 July 2017.

Also note that this is a “genuine” 50% discount, unlike the past few promotions where the headline would read “50% discount” but in practice it’s be 35%, because you’d enjoy a 15% discount when you redeemed your Krisflyer miles online anyway.  Now that the 15% online redemption discount doesn’t apply anymore, your savings are really 50%. Whether you see that as half full or half empty, well…

I’ve never flown Silkair’s business class product before so enjoy these two artistically washed out photos from Silkair’s website

Image result for silkair business class

Image result for silkair business class

It might be tricky finding economy saver space that’s immediately confirmable on the dates you want, but there seems to be better business saver space on most routes. And at 50% off, why not? It’ll give you a chance to experience the Silver Kris lounges in T2 and T3, if nothing else (Silkair operates from T2 but you can take the skytrain across and get access to the T3 lounge).

Enhancement to Lifemiles sale with up to 140% bonus

Lifemiles is currently holding a sale with a bonus of up to 125%, depending on how many miles you buy. I said that this is a decent price, all things considered, but if you can I’d hold off because I consider 140% to be the minimum bonus I’d consider.

Well, thanks to Lucky at OMAAT (he does this for a living, you know), you can get a maximum of a 140% bonus on the current Lifemiles sale. All you need to do is register on this page between May 17 and May 29, and buy your miles between May 18 and May 30.

This is how your bonus structure looks like with the additional 15% that OMAAT readers get.

As you can see, your bonus now maxes out at 140%, or 1.375 cents per mile, if you buy 101,000 miles or more. You need to wait 24 hours after you register for your enhanced bonus to be reflected.

Another interesting development is that if you buy at least 15,000 miles during this promotion, you’ll receive a follow up email offering to let you buy up to 5,000 miles with a 200% bonus. That means you get 15,000 miles for US$165, or 1.1 cents per mile. I’d definitely jump on that.

Usual caveats about Lifemiles apply, see any of my previous Lifemiles articles for the FAQs.