3 days only: Apply for an SCB card and get up to $400 cash + $100 instant cashback

Don't have an SCB card yet? Set your calendars for 9 a.m daily on 25, 26 and 27 June and get up to $500.

SingSaver is running a GSS sale on Standard Chartered (SCB) credit cards for three consecutive days from 25 to 27 June. The following cards are eligible:

  • Standard Chartered Unlimited
  • Standard Chartered Spree
  • Standard Chartered Rewards+
  • Standard Chartered Visa Infinite

The first 15 successful new-to-bank applicants from 9 a.m each day will receive $400 cash from SingSaver- that’s a total of 45 x $400 cash prizes. The 16th and onwards successful new-to-bank applicants will receive $100 cash, so no one goes home empty-handed.

In addition to the cash, all new-to-bank applicants for the Unlimited, Spree and Rewards+ can get $100 instant cashback from Standard Chartered just by activating their card, without needing to spend anything.

Apply for an SCB card here and get up to $400 cash + $100 cashback
FAQs: Link 
T&Cs: Link


A new-to-bank applicant is defined as one who does not have any existing or previously cancelled Standard Chartered principal credit cards in the past 12 months.

How does it work?

Step 1: At 9 a.m sharp on 25, 26 or 27 June, click on the apply button on this special landing page. Fill out your email address and click “confirm”.

Step 2: You’ll then be redirected to the SCB website, where you’ll fill out your application as per normal.

Step 3: At the end of the process, you’ll get a reference number from the SCB website. Check your email for the SingSaver rewards form.

Step 4: Click on the orange button, fill out your details and reference number, and you’re done!

Other points to note

The winners are based on the first 15 successful new-to-bank applicants who hit the “Confirm” button on the Rewards Redemption Form each day (pro-tip: using SingPass MyInfo will help you save a lot of time, plus you’ll get your card approval and issuance instantly)


To avoid confusion, note that you can only start your application (defined as submitting your email address in Step 1) at 9:00:00 am. The system takes a time stamp of when each email address is submitted, so anyone who begins before that time will not be eligible to win.

Winners will be notified by 28 Sept 2019 and published on SingSaver’s social media pages. Each person is only entitled to win a maximum of one $400/$100 cash gift.

Which card should I apply for?

Here’s a rundown of the key details of each of the eligible cards:

Income Req Annual Fee Key Features
Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card | SingSaverSCB Visa Infinite Officially $150K, but possible to get with $80K+ $588.50 1.4/3 mpd on local/overseas spending (>$2K p.m). 1.0 mpd otherwise
6 complimentary lounge visits
35,000 miles upon approval
battle of the rewards cardsSCB Rewards+ $30K $192.60 (2 years free) 1.45 mpd on local dining, 2.9 mpd on overseas spend (capped 20K bonus points per year, ~$2.2K FCY/$5K dining)
SCB Spree $30K $192.60 (2 years free) 2% cashback on local online spend and contactless payments, 3% cashback on FCY online spend. Total cashback capped at $60 monthly
SCB Unlimited $30K $192.60 (2 years free) 1.5% cashback on everything, no cap

The one card I’d be looking at for this promotion is the SCB Visa Infinite. Assuming you managed to get the $400 cash, you’d be paying $188.50 for 35,000 miles, or just 0.54 cents each. Even if you only got the $100, you’d be paying a price of 1.40 cents each, which is great value given the value of a KrisFlyer mile.


If you’re a new-to-bank applicant, the worst you’d walk away from this is with $100 cash + $100 cashback (if you apply for the Spree, Unlimited or Rewards+), which is none too shabby.

Be sure to set a calendar reminder for 9 a.m on the day of your choice!

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Bayle Quek

The headline of this article is a bit misleading. You can get $400 cash only if you are amongst the first 15 successful applicants and there is no way you can know at the point of submission if you are indeed amongst the first 15. A more accurate headline would be “… and get UP TO $400 cash…”.


Agreed. It’s 1 of the less attractive campaigns. Compared to the previous better Singsaver deals.

Only the 1st few people applying at 09:00.01 (1sec) to 09:00:02 (2secs) daily should apply. That’s a 2 second window. And chances are low as well.

That’s if applicants read the terms and conditions.


it’s incredible what people will bitch about. don’t like the promotion then don’t apply. there’s no obligation to give you $100/500/whatever you end up winning.


I ain’t bitching. Just giving an honest review for people to think about 🙂 definitely ain’t applying.


I don’t understand this mindset of “people should stop bitching”. Firstly, is it unreasonable bitching? Secondly, does it mean we should just sit there and accept everything at face value and move along if we don’t like it, rather than offer feedback to improve?


I know that this specific offer is linked to Singsaver. However, it would have been good for you to cover the pretty sweet promo SCB is running till June 30th – Open a priority banking relationship by depositing $200k for 3 months and receive 100k krisflyer miles in return. By stacking this with other on-going promotions they have you can also get some additional cash (sign-on bonus) and Bose headphones/Samsonite luggage.


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