SingSaver Application Process

Thank you for signing up for a card through The Milelion. Here’s what you need to know about your gift:


SingSaver sign up gifts take 2-3 months to fulfill. Fulfillment time is heavily dependent on when the bank sends the approvals conformation report to SingSaver- once received, gift redemption emails are sent within 72 hours. SingSaver is currently working on cutting the fulfillment time by negotiating with banks to furnish the reports sooner. 

To check on gift status, write to [email protected] with the following anywhere in the body: “Source: Milelion-Tele ” + Query description“ for faster service. If you’ve not received a response within 3 working days, drop me a message via the contact us option and I’ll look into it.


It’s very important that you fill out the gift registration form in order to receive your gift. You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of filling the form. 

You can refer to this infographic below to understand the entire process:

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