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If you’re not using cashback sites, you’re leaving money on the table. Every time you buy something online, be it a hotel stay, a flight ticket, something from an e-commerce site, the first thing you should be doing is to check whether any cashback portal offers an affiliate link to the site you want to buy on.

How it works

Airlines/hotels/online travel agents/e-commerce sites pay commissions for clickthroughs. When I see a banner for Agoda on website X, click on it and subsequently complete a booking on Agoda, Agoda pays website X a certain % of the transaction by way of commission.


Cashback websites take the place of Website X and pass the commission on to you. You can then cash out that money through Paypal or to your bank account. This does not affect your ability to earn elite credit/points for your stay with the hotel, insofar as you clickthrough to the hotel’s official website to do the booking (of course, if you click through to an OTA like Expedia you won’t earn any credit/points with the hotel)

My preferred cashback sites are

If you sign up using the links above, you get some bonus credit and so do I. Shopback, for example, gives both of us S$5 upon your first purchase.


In terms of merchants offered on each of these sites, Topcashback and Ebates are fairly similar (though Topcashback tends to have more generous cashback percentages). Shopback has more Singapore-relevant sites like Rakuten, Luxola, Foodpanda and Lazada so they’re worth a look too if you’re shopping locally.

Remember- different websites offer different rebate %, so you would do well to shop around.


  1. for shop back, does it matter whether I book a non cancelable rare vs cancelable one? normally noncancelable bookings get charged almost immediately, do I get the cash back upon being charged? or still must wait till completed the stay?

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