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The Milelion is committed to helping you travel better for less. Send any questions/ fan mail/ fan fic/ death threats/ legitimate business offers via the form below.

While I try to reply to as many emails as I can, I may not be able to address your particular question (and will not reply if the answer can be found in the terms & conditions). If you have a question regarding personal card strategy or award planning, I’d highly recommend tapping the collective knowledge of the miles community by asking it in our Telegram or Facebook Group.

Please note that I do not handle any matters related to fulfilment of credit card sign up gifts or bonuses. All fulfilment is all done by the bank or by SingSaver (and if the CSO has told you to contact MileLion for fulfilment, he/she is mistaken). 

Do contact their official channels for customer support; I will not be able to reply to any emails on the topic.