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Eskimo eSIM review: Better than Jetpac?

With 2-year validity, 80 countries and data sharing, you won't be wasting any data with Eskimo. That's good, because it isn't the cheapest.

The easy way to take a baby’s passport photo (and other lies)

Whoever said applying for a passport in Singapore is straightforward never had to take a photo of a baby.

Japan scraps COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirement

From 8 May 2023, Japan will end its COVID-era border control measures, which removes the need for proof of vaccination or a negative test.

Reflections: Singapore’s long road to normal

On 13 February 2023, Singapore will stand down the last of its COVID measures, three years after the pandemic began. It's been quite an adventure, hasn't it?

Taiwan ends COVID-19 testing for all international arrivals

Travellers to Taiwan will no longer be required to undergo a 7-day self-testing regime from 7 February 2023.

SG Arrival Card will be a permanent feature of travelling to Singapore

Singapore may have dropped almost all of its COVID-era travel restrictions, but the SG Arrival Card is here to stay.

Prata time: Thailand drops vaccination requirement for international arrivals

Thailand drops its planned vaccination requirement on the day of implementation, capping a strange, messy and damaging weekend.

Full details: Thailand’s new vaccination and travel insurance requirements

From 9-31 January 2023, Thailand will require all visitors to be fully vaccinated, and some to purchase travel insurance. Here's the full details.


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