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My overall reflections on the Germany-Singapore VTL

While VTL travel won't be for everyone, it's still the most realistic shot at overseas leisure travel this year.

My experience flying out of Changi Airport during COVID-19

If the last time you flew out of Changi was pre-COVID, you might be in for a bit of a shock the next time you set foot airside...

Singapore adds PDT requirement for Cat. II countries; closes Germany loophole

From 10 September onwards, travellers from Cat. II countries must undergo a PDT. Here's the details, and what it means for Germany travel.

The big problem with the Germany VTL

Planning to travel on the VTL? That pre-departure test in Germany has the potential to cause a major headache.

Explained: Germany COVID-19 restrictions, testing and proof of vaccination

Visiting Germany on the VTL? Here's what you need to know about COVID restrictions, testing, and proof of vaccination.

Game Plan: Singapore to Munich (and back) on the inaugural VTL

I'm booked on the inaugural VTL flight from Munich. Here's the game plan for my first trip in almost 18 months.

Farewell Hong Kong ATB, we hardly knew ye!

The Singapore - Hong Kong ATB will be consigned to history, as differences in COVID strategies doom the scheme which never got off the ground.

5 things to know about Singapore’s new border restriction categories

Singapore is introducing four border restriction categories from 21 August 2021. Here's how it affects you.


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