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How strict are credit card income requirements?

Credit card income requirements may seem daunting, but beyond a certain minimum, banks actually have a lot of leeway to bend the rules.

OCBC 90°N Cards offering 5 mpd on foreign currency spend

From now till 30 September 2024, register your OCBC 90°N Card and earn 5 mpd on up to S$5,000 of in-person FCY spending- with a cap of just 500 customers.

OCBC VOYAGE offering 40,000 miles welcome bonus

From now till 14 July 2024, apply for an OCBC VOYAGE Card and get 40,000 miles with S$3,500 spend within one month, and 12,500 more for making trades.

OCBC Rewards Card offering 6 mpd on department stores, duty-free and Watsons

From 1 April till 30 June 2024, OCBC Rewards Cardholders can earn 6 mpd on department stores, duty-free and Watsons, capped at S$1,000 per month.

OCBC VOYAGE launches up to 90,000 miles welcome offer

From now till 14 April 2024, get 40,000 bonus with a min. spend of S$3,500 on a new OCBC VOYAGE Card, with a further 50,000 bonus miles for executing trades.

PSA: The OCBC Titanium Rewards Card’s punitive retention clause

Before you use the OCBC Titanium Rewards' 6 mpd offer for TANGS and SHEIN, make sure you're willing to hold your card till 30 September 2024!

2024 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Petrol

Here's the best credit cards that let you earn the most miles on petrol- while not forgoing discounts.

Rebrand: OCBC Titanium Rewards becoming OCBC Rewards Card

You shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am...the OCBC Rewards Card.