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Review: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Staycation

The Capitol Kempinski has impeccable service, beautiful rooms and the best breakfast in all of Singapore. But is the staycation experience better than the Raffles?

Review: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Staycation

Staycation guests at The Fullerton Hotel will enjoy stunning architecture, updated rooms and great service. Pity about the breakfast, though.

Review: Mandarin Orchard Singapore Staycation

With dated rooms and a tiny pool, the Mandarin Orchard won't be the ideal staycation experience for all- but how about that view from the club lounge?

Review: Raffles Hotel Singapore Staycation

What will you get at a Raffles Hotel staycation? Excellent service, good food, immersive history and some naughty magazines. While it's not flawless, it's still a very special experience.

Review: Hotel Soloha staycation

With bold style and unique design, Hotel Soloha is the quintessential boutique hotel. How does the staycation experience measure up?

Hotel Review: YOTELAIR Changi Airport Staycation

The YOTELAir Changi is a popular haunt for transit passengers, but can it also be a good staycation option?

What I learned from my Hotel 81 staycation

A room. A bed. A six legged companion. How could a $79 staycation possibly go wrong?

Hotel Review: W Sentosa Cove Phase 2 Staycation

The W Sentosa was one of the first hotels to get staycation approval in Phase 2. Here's what you can look forward to during your stay.


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