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Review: Mandarin Orchard Singapore Staycation

With dated rooms and a tiny pool, the Mandarin Orchard won't be the ideal staycation experience for all- but how about that view from the club lounge?

Review: Raffles Hotel Singapore Staycation

What will you get at a Raffles Hotel staycation? Excellent service, good food, immersive history and some naughty magazines. While it's not flawless, it's still a very special experience.

Review: Hotel Soloha staycation

With bold style and unique design, Hotel Soloha is the quintessential boutique hotel. How does the staycation experience measure up?

Hotel Review: YOTELAIR Changi Airport Staycation

The YOTELAir Changi is a popular haunt for transit passengers, but can it also be a good staycation option?

What I learned from my Hotel 81 staycation

A room. A bed. A six legged companion. How could a $79 staycation possibly go wrong?

Hotel Review: W Sentosa Cove Phase 2 Staycation

The W Sentosa was one of the first hotels to get staycation approval in Phase 2. Here's what you can look forward to during your stay.

How I just avoided the stay-home notice (or: Date night at the airport)

The Singapore government announced a stay-home notice for ASEAN countries on Sunday night. Guess who was at the airport when it broke.

Review: ANA Suite Lounge Tokyo Haneda

The ANA Suite Lounge has an excellent dining room, but take that away and it's just another overcrowded Business Class lounge.


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