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Cruise to Nowhere: A first-timer’s booking guide

First time cruising? Here's all you need to know about booking a cruise to nowhere- room types, locations, travel insurance and more.

Hong Kong ATB (A Travel Backlog)- Trip Planning

The Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble (ATB) starts on 22 November, and I'll be on the first flight. Here's the game plan.

I’m booked on the inaugural Air Travel Bubble flight to Hong Kong

The first ATB flight between Singapore and Hong Kong leaves on 22 November, and I've got my ticket. Here's how I'm planning the trip.

How I just avoided a stay-home notice (or: Date night at the airport)

The Singapore government announced a stay-home notice for ASEAN countries on Sunday night. Guess who was at the airport when it broke.

Review: Singapore Airlines B777-300ER First Class Tokyo to Singapore

Although this isn't the best route to experience Singapore Airlines' First Class, the quality underlying the product is undeniable.

Review: British Airways First Lounge New York JFK (it’s really bad)

The BA First Lounge at JFK may well turn into the happiest place in the world in the evenings, but if you're visiting as an ANA passenger, it's an absolutely dire experience.

Review: ANA B777-300ER “THE Room” New Business Class Tokyo to New York

Is ANA's new Business Class worth the hype? Yes, in so many ways yes.

Review: ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Airport

The ANA Lounge is definitely the place to spend your transit in Narita. Good selection of food, great showers and plenty of seating. Pity it lacks natural light.


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