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KrisPay rebranded as Kris+; earn 30% milesback and 3X KrisPay miles

Farewell KrisPay, hello Kris+. Here's the latest earning and burning promotions for KrisFlyer's mobile wallet.

Singapore Airlines to fly non-stop to New York JFK from November 2020

Singapore Airlines is resuming non-stop flights to New York...but to JFK instead of EWR.

The essential guide to Restaurant A380 @Changi: Logistics, schedules and more

Restaurant A380 @Changi starts next week- here's how to get ready.

Got a call to rebook your Restaurant A380 @Changi ticket? You’re not alone

There's been some A380 musical chairs today, as a system glitch results in SIA overselling its rabidly popular restaurant experience.

Easy 1,000 bonus miles with AMEX KrisFlyer credit cards

Register your card and make 12 transactions by 30 November to get 1,000 bonus miles. Easy peasy.

Second chance: Singapore Airlines adds additional Restaurant A380 @Changi seatings

SIA is adding at least 4 more sessions of Restaurant A380 @Changi on 24, 25, 31 Oct and 1 Nov 2020. Join the waitlist and get ready for round 2!

Got your Restaurant A380 @Changi tickets? Here’s what to do next

As expected, Restaurant A380 @Changi sold out in minutes. If you snagged a ticket, here's what comes next.

Restaurant A380 @Changi tickets go live tonight: Everything you need to know

Join the midnight mayhem as tickets for SIA's A380 dining experience go live tonight.


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