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Great deal: 1-for-1 pre-departure ART & PCR tests on Klook

On 4 April 2022, UOB cardholders can score a great deal on PCR tests with Klook from just S$53.50 per person.

Good news: Overseas tele-supervised ARTs now valid for travel to Singapore

Returning to Singapore? You can now use a tele-supervised ART as your pre-departure test, with some caveats.

VTL: Singapore trialing ARTs as replacement for on-arrival PCR tests

A faster, cheaper replacement for on-arrival PCR tests may be in the works, with VTL arrivals at Changi being issued ART kits under a trial.

DA Tele-ART: Do your pre-departure and VTL Day 3 & 7 ART testing from home

No more travelling to clinics or QTCs with DA Tele-ART, which gives you certified ART results at home for less than S$18.

VTL: Which airports offer pre-departure antigen rapid testing (ARTs)?

Singapore accepts ARTs for pre-departure testing. Here's which airports provide ART swabbing, and how much it'll cost you.

UK VTL: Pre-departure COVID-19 test now required

Travellers to the UK will need to take a pre-departure test from 7 Dec 2021 onwards, in addition to the existing on-arrival Day 2 test.

Singapore to require daily COVID-19 ART swabs for all VTL travellers

From 7 December, all travellers entering Singapore on the VTL must do daily ART swabs for 7 days, in addition to the on-arrival PCR test.


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