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Good news: Overseas tele-supervised ARTs now valid for travel to Singapore

Returning to Singapore? You can now use a tele-supervised ART as your pre-departure test, with some caveats.

USA VTL: My experience with pre-departure COVID-19 testing

Healthcare costs in the USA are frightening, but COVID-19 testing can be done for free if you know where to look.

Canada scraps pre-departure COVID test requirement from 1 April

From 1 April 2022, fully vaccinated travellers to Canada no longer need to take a pre-departure test.

24-hour tele-supervised ARTs now available in Singapore

Tele-supervised ARTs are now available round the clock for all your pre-departure and on-arrival (at least until 15 March) testing needs.

VTL travellers to Singapore can do a self-swab ART on arrival from 15 March

From 15 March, VTL travellers to Singapore can do a self-swab ART instead of a supervised ART on arrival, saving both time and money.

South Korea VTL: Day 6/7 PCR test replaced by self-administered ART

From 10 March, travellers to South Korea staying 8 days or more will do a self-administered ART, instead of a PCR test.

Bangkok Airways launches Koh Samui VTL flights

VTL flights from Koh Samui to Singapore are now available, with 3X service now and daily service from 1 July 2022.

Why it’s time to scrap the Vaccinated Travel Lanes

The Vaccinated Travel Lanes are already living on borrowed time, but their demise should come sooner rather than later.


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