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Live: HSBC credit card points pooling

HSBC has started the rollout of its new rewards platform, with points pooling and free transfers to 21 airline and hotel partners, most of them instant.

Details: HSBC Visa Infinite phasing out step-up earn rates

HSBC Visa Infinite Cardholders can continue enjoying step-up earn rates for a limited time, but unfortunately it's not as generous as what we were hoping for.

HSBC Visa Infinite adding hospitals to rewards exclusion list

HSBC Visa Infinite Cardholders will no longer earn points for hospital spending from 20 May 2024, as the bank tightens its rewards exclusion list.

HSBC offering full refund of Mileage Programme annual fee

HSBC cardholders who paid their Mileage Programme annual fee from June 2023 onwards will receive a full refund, as the bank transitions to its new rewards platform.

HSBC Visa Infinite cutting earn rates from May 2024

From 20 May 2024, the HSBC Visa Infinite will end its step-up earn rate of 1.25/2.25 mpd on local/overseas spend. The question is: what's the replacement?

Finally: HSBC points pooling to be added from May 2024

HSBC cardholders will be able to pool their points and enjoy 21 airline and hotel transfer partners from 28 May 2024, with a waiver of conversion fees till January 2025.

HSBC TravelOne Card extends free conversions till 31 January 2025

HSBC TravelOne Cardholders will enjoy free points conversions for the rest of 2024, as HSBC demurs to introduce its 10,000 points conversion fee.

HSBC EGA ends 1% cashback for credit cards, adds GIRO restrictions

From 2 May 2024, HSBC EGA customers no longer have a free choice of cards for 1% cashback on spend, though the feared exclusion for credit card GIRO payments has not come to pass.