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How to calculate credit card points: General spending cards

How do banks calculate points, and how does rounding affect you? Here's all you need to know for general spending cards.

Maybank TREATS adopts S$5 earning blocks from 2023

From 1 January 2023, all Maybank card transactions will be rounded down to S$5 before awarding points, meaning more lost miles.

Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa: Singapore’s most unusual credit card

You don't need to be a Man Utd fan to love 3% cashback and 2 mpd- especially when it's extended to donations, education and utilities.

2022 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Education or Tuition Expenses

The ground to earn credit card miles on education and tuition bills is rapidly shrinking. Here's what options remain.

Which banks pool credit card points?

Pooled points mean lower conversion fees and simpler card cancellations. Which banks do, and which banks don't?

Which credit cards earn non-expiring points?

Which credit cards offer non-expiring rewards points (and is it really that big a deal)?

How to check credit card points breakdowns

Regularly checking your points balance is good miles game hygiene. Which banks make it easy to track points, and which don't?

Maybank credit cards hiking foreign currency transaction fee to 3.25%

From 1 November 2021, Maybank cardholders will pay 3.25% on all FCY transactions, up from the current 2.75%.


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