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South Korea scraps all COVID-19 testing requirements

South Korea will remove its on-arrival testing requirement from 1 October, making travel completely test-free regardless of vaccination status.

South Korea to eliminate pre-departure COVID-19 testing

From 3 September, South Korea will eliminate its pre-departure test requirement- although it will retain on-arrival PCR testing.

South Korea tightens on-arrival COVID-19 testing regime

From 25 July, travellers must take a PCR test within 1 day of arrival, versus 3 days currently. More concerningly, isolation may be required once more.

South Korea to accept pre-departure ARTs; simplify on-arrival testing

From 23 May, ARTs will be accepted for pre-departure testing, and from June, travellers may take their on-arrival PCR test within 3 days.

South Korea reopening to international tourists from 21 March

South Korea will reopen to fully vaccinated tourists from 21 March, and make it easier to register overseas vaccinations.

South Korea suspends VTL until 21 Jan 2022; existing ticketholders unaffected

South Korea has suspended the sale of new VTL tickets for travel between 29 Dec 2021 and 21 Jan 2022- but existing ticketholders are safe.

South Korea VTL: Pre-departure testing window now 48 hours; up to 13 COVID-19 tests required

Travellers to South Korea will now need to take pre-departure PCR tests within 48 hours of flying, and do ART swabs on days 3 & 5.

South Korea VTL: No quarantine required for travellers from Singapore

South Korea has announced that travellers from Singapore will still be able to enter without quarantine, despite tightened border measures.