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Welcome to For The Record, or #ftr, a place to catch up all that’s been shared across The Milelion’s Telegram and Facebook Groups where people talk about miles and points, 24/7. Here’s my attempt to summarize the things I found interesting in the past week. 

There’s so much chatter going on that this list will be far from comprehensive, so if you want all the details be sure to join the Telegram and Facebook groups. If you have something important to share, be sure to label it with #ftr in the Telegram or Facebook groups. Thank you to everyone for contributing to the community! 

Check out previous editions of #ftr here

  • More Apple Pay merchants ahoy! Timezone, Popular, Renaissance Hotel JB, vhive, San Low seafood JB, Volkswagen Singapore, Wearnes Motor, Mark Loh PD, Eu Yen Sang, Trip.com, O’Learys Irish Pub Terminal 2, Ho Kee, Mega Discount, Chuan Seng lighting, Sim Siang Choon, SMU tuition fees, Erabelle, iHerb, Mayer, Mount E Executive Health Screners (KH Ho, Tan, Zack C, SF, Pete, Kelvin, Jonathan Ling, Yosithezet, ZY, Srad Lynn, Jake, DonDon7219, KH Ho)
  • No Apple Pay available at Nikon Singapore, (Li Chieh Hsu)
  • It is possible to use Apple Pay with AirBnB if you fiddle with your regional settings- change iPhone region settings to US (including US English). AirBnB app should now be showing Apple Pay as an option. You can subsequently revert your region settings to Singapore and the option will remain (KeenY, Benjamin Ho)
  • Intending to prepay your Singtel Bill with Apple Pay at a kiosk in a CapitaMall? You can double dip to earn CapitaStar points on the CapitaStar app by sending in your scanned receipt (Thomas Lua)
  • PolicyPal still earning 10X on the DBS WWMC (YY Yin Yu)
  • Points.com transactions will earn 10X with the DBS WWMC but you need to manually lodge an appeal. Citibank Rewards continues to earn 10X as per normal (mr m)
  • SingTel Shop online earns 10X with Citibank Rewards (Wayne Lim)

As far as possible I always try to cite the source for proper credit, but feel free to PM me if I’ve goofed up. Please note that this is all community-sourced data and YMMV. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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may i suggest to have a page or a list of all previous and current #FTR


Just got my Hilton Honor gold status by registering with visa signature card. Valid for this year and next year.



Apple pay is also available at DFS shop at Changi Airport


Would DFS only get x10 for citi rewards card?


does anyone know which clinics/GPs have Apple Pay available?


Raffles medical


OneDoctors @ Holland V


Anyone knows if Decathlon is eligible for 20x?