Couch to Clouds: Earn KrisFlyer miles on your PacificLight electricity bill

No more miles for utilities bills? Not quite- PacificLight's partnership with KrisFlyer helps you charge up your account for your next holiday.

 The following is a sponsored post by PacificLight. The opinions remain those of The MileLion.

Miles chasers who depend on their monthly utilities bill as a regular source of miles have seen their prospects dimming in recent times, with more and more banks turning off the tap (no, I don’t get paid for every utilities-related pun I make in this post; why do you ask?) for rewards on this category of expenditure.

But it’s not quite lights out yet, because OEM retailer PacificLight has just announced a tie-up with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, which brings miles back to utilities once again. 

Read on for the full details, including how to earn up to 8,000 KrisFlyer miles on your electricity bill, a 100,000 KrisFlyer miles giveaway, and further opportunities to earn miles or rebates on your monthly expenditure.

PacificLight Couch to Clouds campaign

Couch to Clouds

PacificLight’s newly-launched Couch to Clouds campaign offers customers the opportunity to earn KrisFlyer miles on their electricity bill. 

Customers who sign-up for any of PacificLight’s published 12m, 24m and 36m plans and enter the relevant promo code will be eligible to earn miles as per the table below.

 12 mo. Plan24 mo. Plan36 mo. Plan
Code FLYER12 
(max 200 uses)
(max 350 uses)
(max 200 uses)
Welcome Bonus Miles1,0001,5001,500
Usage Miles*1 mile per 1kWh1.2 miles per 1kWh1.2 miles per 1kWh
Miles Cap^2,5006,0008,000
*Applicable to the first five months of contract
^Miles cap includes both welcome miles and usage miles

Each promo code has limited uses, but you’ll be able to see if the promo code is still valid before confirming your sign-up.

In addition to the miles in the table above, the first 25 sign-ups for a 24 or 36-month plan will receive 1,000 bonus miles each. This does not count towards the miles cap. 

Here’s an illustrated example:

💡 Illustrated Example (24 mo. plan)
MonthPacificLight Bill DateElectricity Usage (kWh)
1August 2023300.56
2September 2023524.22
3October 2023628.23
4November 2023654.19
5December 2023723.26
Total Electricity Usage2,830.46
Usage Miles @ 1.2 miles/1 kWh
(rounded down to the nearest whole number)
Welcome Bonus Miles1,500
(2,500 if among first 25 sign-ups)
Total Miles4,896
(5,896 if among first 25 sign-ups)

All miles will be distributed in the sixth month of the contract, automatically credited to your KrisFlyer account with no conversion fees.

Don’t forget that you can stack this KrisFlyer miles offer with a further S$20 rebate when you sign-up using an existing PacificLight customer’s referral code. A simple Google search will throw up dozens of results from people all too willing to share theirs!

100,000 KrisFlyer miles giveaway

To mark the launch of the KrisFlyer partnership, PacificLight is running a lucky draw with two lucky winners receiving 50,000 KrisFlyer miles each. 

The draw is open to all customers who, during the qualifying period of 10 August to 9 December 2023:

  • sign-up for a fixed duration contract with the Flyer12, Flyer24 or Flyer36 code
  • renew a fixed duration contract with the exclusive promotion codes communicated to PacificLight existing customers via email or other channels

All sign-ups using the relevant promo code will be automatically included into the lucky draw, with no need for further registration. 

Do note that participants must also like and follow the PacificLight Facebook and Instagram accounts to be eligible to win. 

The winner of the contest will be announced on 21 December 2023.

Signing up for a PacificLight account

Here’s the steps to signing up for a Pacific Light account with the KrisFlyer promotion.

You’ll have the option to retrieve your information using SingPass MyInfo, or else enter it manually. After registering your details, you’ll choose a plan. Remember, the KrisFlyer promotion is valid for any published 12m, 24m or 36m plan.

Once a plan is chosen, you’ll see a summary of your contract, as well as a field to enter your KrisFlyer membership number, referral code (if any) and promo code. Be sure to use the proper code: FLYER12, FLYER24 or FLYER36 depending on the plan you’ve chosen (if the promo code has been fully redeemed, you’ll receive an error message).

Do note that because this is a joint promotion with KrisFlyer, applying the promotion code will automatically check the box labelled “I consent to share my data with a third party if there is a joined collaboration for marketing purposes”.  

That’s it! You’ll see the promo code reflected on the final page. Check your details one more time and you’re good to go.

What credit card should I use for utilities?

PacificLight customers who set up a recurring bill payment with a credit card will enjoy a waiver of the usual security deposit. 

While the options for earning rewards on utilities payments are few and far between, they do still exist. The following credit cards still earn miles on PacificLight transactions, which code as MCC 4900 (Utilities).

💳 Credit Cards for Utilities Bills
CardEarn Rate
Maybank Manchester United Card2.0 mpd + 3% cashback 
(on days where Man Utd win)
0.4 mpd + 1% cashback
UOB Reserve1.6 mpd
SCB Visa Infinite1.4 mpd*
SCB Journey Card1.2 mpd
Maybank Visa Infinite1.2 mpd
Maybank Horizon Visa Signature0.4 mpd
Maybank World Mastercard0.4 mpd
SCB Rewards+0.29 mpd
*With min S$2K spend per statement month, otherwise 1 mpd

Even if you don’t have any of the cards above, there’s still ways to earn rewards on your monthly bill. 

American Express cardholders can register for an AMEX Offer for PacificLight bill payments, which offers S$3 off S$50 or 1 HighFlyer point per S$2 on recurring billing arrangements. 

AMEX KrisFlyer AscendSpend S$50 or more, get S$3 back per month, up to 2 months
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card
AMEX Platinum Charge
AMEX HighFlyer Card1 HighFlyer point per S$2 spent, capped at 3,000 HighFlyer points
Do note that American Express otherwise excludes utilities transactions from its rewards programme, so you won’t earn regular card rewards on top of what’s mentioned above. 

HSBC cardholders who set up a recurring bill payment with PacificLight can enjoy a S$20 (12m) or S$30 (24/36m) offset to their bills.

Should they also be HSBC Everyday Global Account (EGA) customers, they can earn an additional 1% cashback on all GIRO payments, including PacificLight bills, via the HBSC Everyday+ Rewards Programme, capped at S$300 per calendar month for HSBC Personal Banking customers and S$500 per calendar month for HSBC Premier customers.


Sign up here!

PacificLight’s first-of-its-kind partnership with KrisFlyer allows customers to earn miles on their electricity bill. Depending on the plan you choose, you’re looking at up to 8,000 bonus miles, plus an extra 1,000 bonus miles for the first 25 sign-ups. On top of this, two lucky customers will win 50,000 bonus miles for signing up or renewing their plans.

If you have yet to make the switch to an OEM retailer, or are nearing the expiry date for your existing contract, be sure to check out the plans and see how many miles you could earn here. Remember to stack it with a referral code for additional savings, and pay with the right card for additional miles or rebates.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi Aaron, so one will only earn miles for the 1st 5 months? It’s not an annual earning let’s say I am on 24/36 months contract I won’t be earning miles from the 6th month till 36th month of the contract correct?


Okay understand thanks!



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