10 things you didn’t know your Priority Pass could do

Set meals, an onsen-style hot bath, video games, spa treatments and gyms- your Priority Pass is much more than just airport lounge access.

 The following is a sponsored post by Priority Pass. The opinions expressed are those of The MileLion.

I’m sure most MileLion readers will be familiar with Priority Pass by now, the membership that gets you into airport lounges around the world. Priority Pass memberships are offered as a complimentary benefit on many credit cards around the world, or can be purchased outright.

But did you know that Priority Pass is more than just airport lounges? Your membership can also get you set meals or F&B credit, a haircut or massage, a place to wind down with a nap or charge up with a workout. You can get the pulse racing with a gaming marathon, or chill out in a Japanese onsen-style hot bath watching planes taxi on the tarmac!

In that spirit, here’s 10 interesting airport lounges and travel experiences your Priority Pass membership can get access to.

(1) Start every trip with a meal

Crystal Jade GO, Changi Terminal 4

Every time you start your overseas trip at Changi Airport (SIN), use your Priority Pass membership to redeem a set meal at any of the restaurants located across the four terminals.

Terminal 1
  • Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
  • Terrace Chinese Kitchen
Terminal 2
  • Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food
  • Kaveri Indian Vegetarian
  • TGM
Terminal 3
  • Kaveri Express Indian Vegetarian
Terminal 4
  • Crystal Jade Go

Options include Crystal Jade, Chutney Mary and more. You’ll be able to redeem one set menu per visit entitlement, so there’s no reason to start your journey on an empty stomach.

(2) Get a haircut or pedicure


Located at Changi Airport (SIN) Terminal 2 is TranSpa, where Priority Pass Members enjoy a choice of:

  • 20 Minutes Head and Shoulder Massage or Foot Massage
  • Hair Services Wash, Cut & Blow Dry (all hair lengths)
  • Express Manicure & Pedicure

All packages include a shower and welcome drinks. If you still have time for more, you can enjoy a 25% discount on all other services with your Priority Pass membership- a Priority Pass exclusive. 

(3) Go camping indoors

KIX Airport Cafe Lounge NODOKA

Here’s something the kids will enjoy: located in the public area of Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the KIX Airport Cafe Lounge NODOKA.

Priority Pass Members can enjoy a meal or use the showers and work space, but the real attraction is the indoor campground set up on a stretch of artificial turf. This has a picnic table, hammock, camping chair, beanbags, electric lanterns and even a full-sized tent, providing a fun environment for kids to let off some steam.

(4) Take a dip in an a Japanese onsen-style bath

Kutsurogi-Dokoro onsen pool

If you’re flying from Nagoya Airport (NGO), make time for one of the most surreal experiences you’ll ever have in an airport. 

At Kutsurogi-Dokoro, Priority Pass Members can relax in a Japanese onsen-style hot bath complete with tarmac views, before enjoying a set meal at the attached Restaurant Ebisu.

Kutsurogi-Dokoro hot bath
Restaurant Ebisu

(5) Stay at a capsule hotel

9h nine hours Narita Airport

Most international flights into Tokyo arrive in the morning, but if you’re connecting to elsewhere in Japan, your domestic flight may only depart in the afternoon. 

Should you find yourself in that situation, you’ll relish the opportunity to get some proper rest. Priority Pass Members can access the 9h nine hours Narita Airport capsule hotel at Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) Terminal 2 for a full five hours between 9 a.m and 6 p.m daily. If you need to stay beyond that window, you’ll receive a JPY 3,400 reduction off the prevailing room charge.

9h nine hours Narita Airport
9h nine hours Narita Airport
9h nine hours Narita Airport

Guests will enjoy a noise-isolating sleeping pod, as well as the attached shower facilities with Tamanhada shower amenities, a local artisanal brand.

(6) Get a massage

Ayre Hair

Tired from lugging around your bags? When flying out of Perth Airport (PER) Terminal 4, Priority Pass Members can enjoy a 20-minute massage at Ayre Hair with a choice of:

  • Seated massage: Head, neck, shoulder, foot, hand and arm
  • Saddle seat massage: Leg and back

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or beer. 

This facility is located landside, which means you can use it before or after a flight. Prior reservations are recommended, which can be done by texting or calling +61 432 064 897 or emailing [email protected].

(7) Work out at the airport

Oriental Club Lounge TPE

If you’ve flown into Taipei Airport (TPE) Terminal 2 after hours in a cramped Economy seat, or simply did a little too much eating on your holiday, why not take a moment to work up a sweat?

The Oriental Club Lounge features a small gym area, complete with a treadmill, exercise bike and blood pressure monitor. 

Oriental Club Lounge TPE

Don’t worry about stinking up the plane; after exercising, a shower suite is available to freshen up. Or if you’re sore from your work out, enjoy the use of a massage chair and adjust your circadian rhythm with some natural light- this is one of the few airport lounges at TPE to have outdoor views. 

Oriental Club Lounge TPE

(8) Do a caviar tasting

Caviar House & Prunier

Caviar? In an airport? When departing from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) Terminal 1, be sure to pop by Caviar House & Prunier, one of the most premium dining establishments available on Priority Pass. Caviar House & Prunier specialises in caviar sourced from French sturgeons, which it pairs with Balik smoked salmon to luxurious effect.

Priority Pass Members receive HKD$200 off the bill, and while that’s enough to cover a glass of champagne, you’ll probably need to top it up for a meal. That said, you can double your credit if your Priority Pass comes with a guest allowance, and a two-course set menu with coffee or tea starts from HKD$450.

(9) Video game marathon

Game Space Dubai

If you’re in Dubai International Airport (DXB) Terminal 3 and the kids refuse to sit still, bring them to Game Space, the region’s first airport gaming lounge.

This 24/7 space offers 40 game stations, each equipped with 50″ screens and side-by-side seating for either solo or multi-player gaming. More than 20 games are available to play, including Fortnite, League of Legends, Gran Turismo 7, Crash Bandicoot and more. 

Game Space Dubai
Game Space Dubai

Gaming nerds will be pleased to know the equipment is top-notch too: half the gaming stations are decked out with Republic of Gamers (RoG) hardware, including headsets, RGB mechanical keyboards, high-precision mice, and gaming chairs.

Game Space Dubai

And if you’re not part of the PC Master Race team, there’s also more than a dozen PlayStation 5s and Xbox Series S at your disposal. 

Game Space Dubai

The best part? There’s no time limit, at least at the time of writing. You’ll probably need to tear the younglings away to catch your flight.

(10) Try an elevated lounge experience

The House by Aspire Sydney

Formerly an exclusive facility for Etihad Airways passengers, The House by Aspire in Sydney International Airport (SYD) Terminal 1 is now open to all Priority Pass Members. Regular access is included with your membership, or you can pay an upgrade fee of A$20 for access to the showers, a la carte menu and premium spirits. 

Why the upgrade fee? Because this is a cut above your usual contract lounge, closer in line to what an airline might offer its premium cabin passengers. Guests enjoy an extensive bar menu with Australian sparkling wines, craft beers and premium spirits, barista coffee, as well as full waiter service and a sit-down bistro with an a la carte menu. 

Dining area

Regardless of whether you choose to upgrade, you’ll still be able to access the buffet area, children’s playroom and bar.

 Standard Priority Pass membershipWith A$20 Upgrade
A la carte dining 
Premium alcohol
(including all cocktails and champagne when available)
Basic alcohol
Buffet area
Children’s playroom

Which cards have Priority Pass?

Priority Pass memberships are offered by numerous Singapore credit cards, with the following visit entitlements:

Credit CardFree Visits
(Per Year)
AMEX HighFlyer Card2N/A
Citi PremierMiles Card2*N/A
DBS Altitude Visa2N/A
StanChart Journey Card2N/A
Maybank Visa Infinite4N/A
StanChart Visa Infinite6N/A
DBS Vantage10N/A
StanChart Priority Banking Visa Infinite12^N/A
Citi PrestigeUnlimited + 1 guestN/A
AMEX Platinum Charge
Unlimited +1 guestUnlimited +1 guest@
*Allowance follows calendar year instead of membership year
^With min. AUM S$200K. If AUM falls under S$200K, then two visits
@ For first supplementary card only

If you’re holding an American Express card, do note that Priority Pass memberships issued by these cards do not cover so-called “non-lounge experiences”, such as restaurants and spas. Refer to your Amex Experiences app for the full list of lounges you can visit.

Get the Priority Pass app

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of your Priority Pass benefits, be sure to download the Priority Pass app (Android | iOS).

The Priority Pass app can be used to search for participating airport lounges and travel experiences, as well as track your visit history and remaining entitlements. You can also use it in lieu of a physical card. 


Your Priority Pass membership will get you into airport lounges galore, but if that’s all you ever use it for, you’re missing out. The next time you’re flying, be sure to check your Priority Pass app for the full range of options, and treat yourself to something out of the ordinary. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Some interesting options there.! For the avoidance of doubt, I have the Citi prestige card but haven’t used it for priority pass access so far… With an upcoming evening departure to Tokyo on scoot (ugh) I can go to crystal jade for a set meal, TranSpa for a haircut and then the Plaza Premium Lounge for a pre flight anaesthetic or two… Then on arriving in Tokyo at 6am I can go to the Narita capsule hotel for a shower and a few hours kip before heading into central Tokyo for my hotel check in time… And can take my… Read more »


Sorry, is this a statement or question? 😅 so far i only used my priority pass for lounge access. never tried for set meal at crystal jade + haircut + lounge + narita capsule hotel.
wanna confirm that this whole set of benefits does work ? 😍 and is only for the primary card holder?
If i am the primary cardholder and am bringing a friend (tap on my 2 visits per calendar year for Citi Premiermiles card), can she enjoy the whole set of benefits too or she can only visit the lounge with me ? Thanks


Can someone confirm on this approach? I thought even for the unlimited PP card, we can only use one entry per day?


wow that worth the annual fee then


I remember you posted some restrictions on unlimited PP, specifically on set menus where there’s a cool down period, but what about spa treatment and haircut? Can I redeem set menu then go for spa or spa is considered “set menu” as well?


One entry per lounge/restaurant, I was on a 10 hour layover in DXB and I visited every single lounge between 2 terminals plus a sleep pod over there on my unlimited PP.


Entry into most lounges/restaurants are upon departure only. IIRC, Changi Lounge in Jewel, TGM and Chutney Mary in T2 support entry upon arrival with a valid same-day boarding pass.


1. Cardholders (walk-ins only) can use their lounge visit entitlement to take advantage of a maximum 5 hour stay in a Capsule between 09:00 – 18:00 daily.


Does anyone know if TranSpa accepts advance bookings for usage of the haircut/massage entitlements? Or is it strictly walk-in only?


Thanks for the information Aaron.
I have PP cards from both Citi prestige & Amex Platinum Charge, however it seem the Amex PP card doesn’t offer the Eat section in Crystal Jade while the Citi prestige one has. I asked the bank and they mentioned there would be different version of PP cards, some with eat & refresh while others without.
Could you confirm this point?


Thanks Aaron


PP members can redeem a free set lunch at Flight Club, at DPS Bali


Best credit card to get for Priority Pass access is the Chase Ritz Carlton Card issued in the US.

It comes with unlimited visits and unlimited guests per each visit, along with dining and experience privileges.

I have guested 10 people queuing in front of me at the Changi Jewel Lounge using that card, saving them money and myself the queuing time.



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