Live: New KrisFlyer Elite Silver extra baggage, priority check-in and boarding benefits

From 2 July 2024, KrisFlyer Elite Silver members now enjoy extra baggage, priority check-in and priority boarding when flying on Singapore Airlines.

Earlier in June, we learned that Singapore Airlines would be introducing new benefits for KrisFlyer Elite Silver members, including an extra baggage allowance, priority check-in and priority boarding. 

These new perks were briefly published on the Singapore Airlines website, before being quickly taken down. An SIA spokesperson later clarified that the new benefits would be “announced in due course”. Like a lot of things, the announcement was probably delayed on account of the SQ321 incident. 

Well, KrisFlyer Elite Silver members have now received official notification of the new perks, which are effective immediately. 

New KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits

Here’s a recap of the new KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits, for those of you who missed last month’s news.

All perks are automatically applicable for Singapore Airlines flights departing from 2 July 2024, even if your ticket was purchased or redeemed before this date. However, if you have a connection to Scoot and want the extra baggage allowance, the additional benefit only applies to flights purchased from 2 July 2024.

Additional baggage allowance

KrisFlyer Elite Silver members now enjoy an extra check-in baggage allowance on Singapore Airlines and Scoot.

For countries where the weight concept is used (everywhere except Canada and the USA), members will receive an extra 10kg allowance, on top of the usual entitlement.

🧳 Weight Concept
(Flights to/from all countries except Canada/USA)
  Regular Allowance KrisFlyer Elite Silver
Suites & First Class 50kg 60kg
Business Class 40kg 50kg
Premium Economy Class 35kg 45kg
Economy Class    
Flexi 30kg 40kg
Standard 30kg 40kg
Value/Lite 25kg 35kg

For countries where the piece concept is used (Canada and USA), members will receive an extra one bag, on top of the usual entitlement (effectively matching the KrisFlyer Elite Gold entitlement). The additional bag can weigh up to 32kg in First and Business, or 23kg otherwise. 

🧳 Piece Concept
(Flights to/from Canada/USA)
  Allowance KrisFlyer Elite Silver
Suites & First Class 2x 32kg 3x 32kg
Business Class 2x 32kg 3x 32kg
Premium Economy Class 2x 23kg 3x 23kg
Economy Class (all fare types) 2x 23kg 3x 23kg

With regards to Scoot, this benefit only applies if your itinerary includes a transfer to Scoot from Singapore Airlines, or to Singapore Airlines from Scoot. Pure Scoot itineraries do not qualify.

When flying on Scoot, KrisFlyer Elite Silver members will continue to enjoy an additional 5kg baggage upgrade with a minimum purchase of 20kg. 

For avoidance of doubt, there is no additional check-in baggage benefit when travelling on Star Alliance or any of SIA’s other partners.

Priority check-in

Priority check-in at Changi Airport Terminal 3

KrisFlyer Elite Silver members can now check-in at specially designed check-in counters with the KrisFlyer Elite Silver logo, where available. I would expect these to be available at Changi Airport Terminal 2 and 3, at a bare minimum. 

These are the same desks as those which KrisFlyer Elite Gold members use. 

Priority boarding

KrisFlyer Elite Silver members now enjoy priority boarding “before Economy Class passengers”.

Here’s where KrisFlyer Elite Silver members rank in the overall hierarchy:

  1. Passengers who require special assistance, as well as those with infants and toddlers
  2. Suites and First Class passengers
  3. Business Class passengers and PPS Club members
  4. Premium Economy Class passengers, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members
  5. KrisFlyer Elite Silver (though in practice this could be lumped into the previous group)
  6. Economy Class passengers (further split into 3-4 zones depending on aircraft)

Overview: KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits

Following this change, here’s a summary of the current benefits for KrisFlyer Elite Silver members, with KrisFlyer Elite Gold included by way of comparison.

✈️ Overview: KrisFlyer Elite Silver & Gold
  KrisFlyer Elite Silver KrisFlyer Elite Gold
Elite Miles Req.
(in 12-mth period)
25,000 50,000
Mileage Bonus 25% 25%
Priority Waitlist
Free Seat Selection

(Forward and Standard)
Birthday Bonus
(1,500 miles)

(1,500 miles)
Discounted Service Fees
Extra Baggage
Priority Check-in
Priority Boarding
Priority Baggage   
Lounge Access  
Waived Service Fees  
Shangri-La Jade Fast Track  
Heathrow Express Upgrade  

In addition to the newly-added perks, KrisFlyer Elite Silvers will continue to enjoy a 25% mileage accrual bonus, free Standard seat selection, and some semblance of priority when it comes to waitlisting for flights (keep in mind this does not refer to award redemptions, but rather waitlisting for commercial flights). There’s also a handful of benefits when flying on Scoot, most notably priority check-in and boarding, and free standard seat selection. 

For a full rundown of the perks of KrisFlyer Elite Silver, refer to the article below.

Complete Guide: KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits


Singapore Airlines has published its enhanced benefits for KrisFlyer Elite Silver members, who now enjoy an additional check-in baggage allowance, priority check-in and priority boarding when flying with SIA. 

These are benefits that were previously reserved only for KrisFlyer Elite Golds, and it’s nice to see SIA finally showing the love to its entry-tier elites too. I wouldn’t say this makes Elite Silver worth qualifying for, in and of itself, but it’s something to cheer for those who are already among the ranks.

What do you make of these new KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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Krisflyer Ang Moh

I assume this is because of the loads of people who achieved KFEG during Covid and only just now are deprecating to Silver.

Wee Lee

I moved from “Covid redemption Gold” to Silver and for sure never came close to 25k status miles.


u are able to earn KFEG/KFES via credit card transfers??


I’m pretty bummed these benefits don’t apply to Star Alliance Silver members!


Good to see Silver getting some reasonable benefits!
Does anyone here know if KF Silver can get a status match to any other airline or hotel reward program? Appreciate any responses.


its abt time… qualification of 25k miles also not so easy to get even for a frequent traveler like me because it’s 90% regional trips which yielding <1k for every return trip…
I managed to get silver because of a couple of intercontinental trip this year… otherwise, it’s just not possible. lol


Yeah, despite quite high yield from these routes, SQ does not really give recognition to how many times you fly on them…


1st time qualified for KFEG during pandemic via card & KF shopping.

So I enjoyed KFEG in 2022. Best was experiencing Silver Kris lounge on economy flights & free standard/fwd seat selection. Tickets for travel before Sep 2022 were cheap too.

Mar 2023 downgrade from KFEG to KFES.
Mar 2024 downgrade back to Blue.

With a local role, no way to clock 25k or 40k miles flying.

Sos Cili

The only meaningful difference between KF silver and gold now is the lounge access. I’m now thinking of foregoing requalifying for Gold and just sticking with Silver + Priority Pass for lounge access.

Paying USD469 for the unlimited access pass or getting it with the Citi Prestige card is far cheaper than paying for overpriced flights for the additional 25k elite miles. On top of that, PP is airline agnostic.

I think Singapore Airlines just shot itself in the foot by narrowing the difference between silver and gold.

Business Traveller

Compared to *A lounges, PP lounges are much more packed, especially since US CCs provide unlimited PP access quite easily (a $95 AF credit card gives you PP Select). Not to mention, a lot of partner lounges have been cutting/limiting hours for PP holders due to overcrowding and turning down access even though it’s not full (especially lounges that are run by airlines but supposedly accepts PP). Ironically, those who get *A Gold status are less likely to use the extra baggage allowance (when I travel for business, I don’t even check in luggage sometimes), so I don’t see how… Read more »

random lurker

@Business Traveller, which US credit cards offer unlimited PP access for $95? The Hilton Amex Surpass/Business cards used to offer 10 free visits, but they increased the AF and removed PP. AFAIK, the credit cards with unlimited PP cost $395-$695. Yes, PP is easy to get with a CC, but it’s not *that* cheap. I agree that it’s getting harder and harder to access PP lounges due to capacity controls and overcrowding. Back on topic, it would be nice if KFES/*S got these benefits throughout the alliance. It would make *S actually worth something and be competitive with oneworld and… Read more »


Any idea if the check-in / baggage privileges include family in the same itinerary without the status?