Should you use the Trust Card for overseas spending?

The Trust Card offers zero FCY transaction fees on overseas spend, but does that make it a superior option to other credit cards or multi-currency debit cards?

Amaze nukes InstaPoints, caps earning at just S$5 per month

From 1 June 2024, Amaze will be nerfing its InstaPoints system by adding a 500 IP per month cap. Yes, per month.

Miles vs Cashback: Choose your side and earn bonus miles plus gifts

Round 2 of Miles vs Cashback is here, with up to 74,000 Max Miles on offer for Team Miles applicants- though this time there's a first 400 cap.

MileLion Weekly Deal Summary [18-24 May 24]

All the deals from the world of miles and points [18-24 May 24].

Singapore Airlines modifies cabin service routines following turbulence incident

Singapore Airlines has introduced new cabin service SOPs following the turbluence incident on SQ321. Here's what to expect.

Details: HSBC Visa Infinite phasing out step-up earn rates

HSBC Visa Infinite Cardholders can continue enjoying step-up earn rates for a limited time, but unfortunately it's not as generous as what we were hoping for.

2024 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Public Transport (SimplyGo)

Bus/MRT rides may not be a major expense item, but every little bit helps. Here's the best cards for earning miles on public transport.

Review: UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

After an excellent 2023, this year sees the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card slipping back into more mediocre territory.

UOB Lady’s Card: Which bonus categories should you choose?

UOB Lady's Card customers can earn 4 mpd on groceries, dining, petrol, shopping, travel and public transport- but not at the same time. How should you choose?

PSA: Standard Chartered’s unusual points expiry policy

StanChart 360° Rewards points aren't valid for three years. They're valid for "up to" three years, which can cause some nasty surprises if you're unaware!

Citi PayAll Complete Guide: How to pay bills and earn miles

Everything you need to know about the Citi PayAll service, including eligible payments, restrictions, promotions, and of course, earning miles.

Complete Guide: KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits

KrisFlyer Elite Silver is the starting rung of the Singapore Airlines elite ladder, and while the benefits aren't life-changing, they're better than nothing!

Which supplementary cards have the best benefits?

While the best perks are reserved for principal cardholders, some supplementary cardholders get to join in the fun too.

2024 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Food Delivery

Ordering food delivery? Don't leave miles on the table! Use the right card and earn up to 4 mpd or 18% rebates.