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Explained: Citi Rewards Card blacklist for “travel-related” transactions

The Citi Rewards Card is a great choice for online transactions- except travel-related ones. How does Citi define this category?

Extended: Citi Rewards Card 16,000 miles sign-up offer

From now till 30 April 2024, get 16,000 bonus miles with a new Citi Rewards Card and a minimum spend of S$800- no annual fee necessary.

Extended: Citi PremierMiles 30,000 miles sign-up bonus

From now till 30 April 2024, get 30,000 bonus miles with S$800 spend on a new Citi PremierMiles Card as a new-to-bank customer.

Citi Rewards Card further expands travel-related blacklist

The Citi Rewards Card will be adding more MCCs to its travel-related blacklist from 1 April 2024- though these might already be in effect.

Unconfirmed: Amaze x Citi Rewards pairing may be dead

Brace yourselves: recent reports suggest that Amaze x Citi Rewards transactions only earn 1X points, instead of the usual 10X.

PSA: Citi ThankYou Rewards Portal to shut down by February 2024

Citi is shutting down its ThankYou Rewards Portal in favour of app-based redemptions, but we could be losing a lot of functionality in the process.

PSA: A workaround for the Citi rewards redemption bug

Citi cardholders are encountering a bug with the Citibank website that prevents them from transferring their points. Here's how to fix it.

Extended: Citi Prestige Card 71,000 miles sign-up bonus

From now till 29 February 2024, enjoy 71,000 bonus miles with a new Citi Prestige Card- valid also for existing Citi cardholders.


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